Covid Cases Rising in Tom Green County


SAN ANGELO, TX -- San Angelo bars reopened this morning and while some residents are concerned this could cause coronavirus numbers to increase, it appears the spike was present before the reopening.

According to the San Angelo Health Department, 41 new Covid-19 cases were confirmed on Wednesday afternoon.

The cases include patients as young as 2-years-old and as elderly as 93. Adults over the age of 20 appear to the most affected according to the data.

The cases were confirmed using 21 PCR tests and 20 antigen tests.

Case Demographics

Gender Age Race/ethnicity County of Residence Type of Test
Female 2 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 12 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Male 15 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 16 Unknown TGC Antigen
Female 19 Hispanic TGC PCR
Female 20 White TGC PCR
Male 21 Hispanic TGC PCR
Male 24 Unknown TGC PCR
Male 26 Hispanic TGC PCR
Male 26 Unknown Fort Bend Antigen
Female 29 White TGC PCR
Male 30 White TGC PCR
Female 31 White TGC PCR
Female 33 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 33 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Male 36 White TGC PCR
Female 39 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 39 Unknown TGC Antigen
Male 40 Hispanic TGC PCR
Female 40 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 43 Hispanic TGC PCR
Female 45 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 45 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 45 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Male 47 White TGC Antigen
Male 49 Hispanic TGC PCR
Female 51 Unknown Sutton Antigen
Male 56 White TGC PCR
Female 59 White Concho Antigen
Female 60 White Sterling Antigen
Female 65 Unknown Menard Antigen
Female 70 Hispanic TGC PCR
Female 70 White TGC PCR
Male 72 Hispanic McCulloch PCR
Male 72 White Irion Antigen
Male 74 White TGC PCR
Male 74 White TGC PCR
Male 75 White Coke PCR
Male 76 Black TGC PCR
Female 91 Hispanic Sterling PCR
Female 93 White TGC Antigen


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