Inmate Describes What It's Like Inside COVID-19 Infested Jail


MIDLAND, TX – An inmate inside of the Midland County Jail says that conditions in the jail have become awful due to a coronavirus outbreak.

According to CBS7, on October 1, 152 inmates in the Midland County Jail have tested positive for COVID-19. San Angelo LIVE previously reported that the jail had 80 inmates and 8 jailers test positive on September 29. Here is the original story: Dangerous COVID-19 Outbreak at Midland County Detention Center

Now that the original number has almost doubled, an unidentified inmate claims conditions inside the jail have become very harsh. 

The inmate claims that the sick inmates, including himself, have been placed in "sick dorms" to quarantine. In his dorm, the inmate told CBS7 that there are 60 to 75 people and that there are four different dorms. 

Besides the high congested area, the inmate says that sick inmates are not getting the proper care they need. He claims that the staff is refusing to hand out over-the-counter pain killers or fever reducers like Tylenol or aspirin. He claims that 6 inmates from his dorm have been taken to the hospital but Midland Memorial Hospital has not reported any inmates being checked in. 

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It looks like you are crying because you broke the law and got caught. Jails have always been crowed and a place for illness to spread.

Maybe if ya dont do the crime you would not have to be in jail and with all those bad conditions. Its not the jails condition that is the problem, its the slugs in the jail thats the problem):

People are convicted of crimes they did not commit everyday. Besides, these people are in jail, where they may not have been convicted of anything. One of the foundations of our legal system is innocent until proven guilty.

That would be your buddy Cuomo, who sent more than 6,000 coronavirus patients into nursing homes during the height of the pandemic. No worries I saw him on TV he said he was sleeping just fine ;)

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