San Angelo Maintains COVID-19 Positive Rate Near "Warning Flag" Levels


The City of San Angelo reports COVID-19 positive test results from all testing locations within Tom Green County. For Saturday, Sept. 19, the number of positive test results was 13.

Of those 13 positive tests, 9 were PCR tests and 4 were Antigen tests. The local health authority reports both types of tests, though the state only tabulates only PCR tests for statewide reporting.

The health authority reports all tests conducted in the county, even tests of citizens whose home of record is not in Tom Green County. Saturday, 4 of the reported positive test results were on people who lived outside the county.

The state looks at the positivity rate of testing to help policymakers make decisions on COVID-19 restrictions. Gov. Greg Abbott stated earlier that a 10 percent rate or higher, the ratio of positive test results to all tests reported during a certain time period, is a “warning flag” and ratios rising above that benchmark may require more restrictions. For the week of Sept. 12-18, the City reported the Tom Green County positivity rate is 8.4 percent.

See chart:

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Hospitalizations of COVID-19 patients is another benchmark for measuring the county’s response to the pandemic. As of Saturday in San Angelo, that is the hub of a multi-county Trauma Service Area K as defined by the Texas Dept. of Health and Human Services, there are 17 currently hospitalized with COVID-19.

Total positive cases: 3,549 (since test reporting began March 20) Current active cases: 169 Currently hospitalized: 17

Here are the stats on the positive cases reported on Saturday, Sept. 19:

GenderAgeRace/ethnicityCounty of ResidenceType of Test
Male85whiteMcCulloch CountyPCR
Male89whiteRunnels CountyPCR
Male80whiteTom Green County (TGC)PCR
Male20whiteWilliamson CountyAntigen
Male18UnknownMcLennan CountyAntigen



Can we as a county not discipline ourselves to follow CDC guidelines regarding social distancing, wearing a mask, sanitizing high touch areas. Can we as a county not protect our elders from ourselves? Store employees are doing a great job of implementing risk-control measures, but they are not going to risk a brawl by insisting unless they have on-site security. You have a personal right not to wear a mask; you do not have a personal right to disobey the law; you do not have a right to put others at risk. Also, children can be asymptomatic carriers and if you take your child into the grocery store without a mask, for instance, then you expose everyone whose path you cross. Texans are smart enough to figure this out; they aren't willing to change their ways.

Don't forget the flood of cases brought over the border by teaming hordes of undocumented, financially exploitative illegal foreigners interloping into America. Mexico has mostly ignored COVID-19 restrictions, resulting in the catastrophic lack of substantive change regarding anything in Mexico, and now these cases are being brought to the states by the taco truckload. It's entirely possible that we have not noticed this due to the lack of effect these cases have had upon anyone affected besides a mild cold.

Jeff L, Mon, 09/21/2020 - 06:15

is no such thing as asymptomatic spread. You either have the virus or you don't. Also testing is as accurate as a 38. special. There are more false positives than the tom green county probation department. Stop believing everything the government says. They lie every 3 words.

Asymptomatic.....having the virus in your body, yet not displaying any symptoms of illness that affect those who do not have an immune response significant enough remain healthy. Yes.... there is such a thing.
Your post is as absurd as flat-earthers.

You demonstrate your having one of the limited number of functioning brains that inhabit this place. The Know-Nothings will continue to underestimate the potential harm of this virus until the death toll reaches numbers even they can understand.


China is killing us!*

*Rate at which China is killing us may be lower than projected due to false positives and misdiagnoses. Ask your doctor if there is monetary incentive to tell you information that will resolve the dissonance created by conflicting information from official sources. Your doctor may prescribe medication designed to quell your curiosity and give you a more positive outlook. If you are stupid enough to trust the drug companies that incentivize doctors to push their products like corner crack dealers, please accept your fate as a cash cow and pay for more drugs.

Jeff L, Mon, 09/21/2020 - 11:34

You eat off that spoon full of lies so often you believe them. It's okay though go ahead and believe that a virus with less than a 3% mortality rate can be aymptomatically spread and that you could actually tell that you got it that way. This entire chinese virus thing is a big freakin hoax. Maybe you should stay inside so you don't accidentally catch it from a child that has a weaker immune system than you do but isn't showing symptoms.................................... then end

but having a battle of wits with an unarmed person is not in my nature. All I can say is....Wow.... SMH.

Jeff L, Tue, 09/22/2020 - 06:36

For sheeple. He can believe that farce all he wants. He's been had and it's his own fault for being blind, naïve and ignorant all in the same week.

Jeff L, Wed, 09/23/2020 - 06:56

Shouldn't be. Yosemite was known for running his mouth about things he didn't know of and then shooting folks for disagreeing. Bad look honestly.

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