Rep. Darby Responds to FTC Stance on Shannon Buyout of Community


SAN ANGELO, TX – State Representative Drew Darby of San Angelo Wednesday responded to the Federal Trade Commission's letter on the deal to merge Shannon Medical Center and San Angelo Community Hospital. 

Here is the story about the FTC letter.

Here is Rep. Darby's statement:

"I am committed to serving my constituents by supporting policies that help folks in the Concho Valley tackle obstacles such as reliable, affordable, quality healthcare. I am concerned about the opinion letter from paper pushing bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. – people who do not live, work, or even receive medical services in our community – that applies dry and mathematical metrics to rural Texas healthcare. Texas is the leading state in rural hospital closures, which causes severe economic impacts to families and businesses. I was proud to work with other rural colleagues to put a tool in place for our communities to utilize and I support the efforts of my San Angelo community as they navigate what works best for our region."

Darby authored the bill which later became law allowing Shannon to purchase Community.

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Follow the money. Darby got paid BIG bucks to push this through. He doesn't care about how this affects the little guy, as long as he gets his money up front. He is deep state through and through. He hss always been crooked, even before he was a public figure. Follow the money!!!

I have to agree with you completely, he is a republican, so it would only make sense he is only in it for the money.

I am surprised that a bill supporting harmful monopolies was actually allowed to pass in the State of Texas. It is a well known fact that the elimination of competition only leads to the raising of prices by the winner. That is why federal law is designed to limit monopolies. If Mr. Darby is truly trying to support affordable health care for his constituents, why would he support the creation of a monopoly which will only lead to rising costs for healthcare?

If Iran, Syria and Palestine are against it, it must be a good deal. Can't see where Drew is any different.........

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