Coronavirus: Tom Green County Hospitalizations Down Again


SAN ANGELO, TX -- The San Angelo health department reported another 14 positive cases in Tom Green County. 

The following is the full coronavirus report given by COSA on September 13, 2020:

Total positive cases: 3,448

Active cases: 611

Currently hospitalized: 18

There are 14 new positive cases of COVID-19 to report today: 12 PCR cases and 2 antigen cases.

13 de septiembre de 2020

Total de casos positivos: 3,448

Casos activos: 611

Actualmente hospitalizado: 18

Hay 14 nuevos casos positivos de COVID-19 para informar hoy: 12 casos PCR y 2 casos de antígeno.

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Well, I want to ask those who whined..." There's going to be a spike in the number of cases of Covid19 in the fall ... you just watch! "

How does your crow taste? We have have fall like temperatures and moist weather for almost a week and the number of positive cases go down! Horseshit... scandalous... this entire fiasco has been strangeness... indeed! Makes me feel as if this entire Covid19 virus is just a scare tactic drummed up by only God knows! Just scandalous!

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