COVID-19 Explodes in San Angelo Nursing Homes


SAN ANGELO, TX — The City of San Angelo is closing out the month of July with a record-breaking number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in a single day. Nearly half of the new cases have been reported in two local nursing homes.

According to officials, there are 54 new cases confirmed in Arbor Terrace and 12 new cases confirmed in Regency House.

Late Friday afternoon health officials confirmed 135 new cases, bringing the total number in Tom Green County to 2,310. Of those total cases, 824 remain active.

In the last five days, San Angelo has confirmed 345 new positive cases. The current positivity rate for the last seven days is 24.3%.

As of today, the age group with the highest number of cases continues to be San Angeloans between the ages of 20-29. This age group accounts for nearly one-quarter of all positive tests.

Arbor Terrance reported 53 positive cases and 126 negatives tests using PCR. Regency House confirmed 12 positive PCR cases and 86 negatives.

No further information was released detailing if the positive cases belong to patients or staff.

The 135 cases reported today were confirmed using 116 PCR tests and the remaining 19 were verified using antigen testing.

In the last two days, the city has also released 102 patients, 91 of them being individuals who tested positive and 11 are individuals who were classified as contacts of positive cases.

There are currently 54 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 related issues, seven of them are in the ICU.


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  • Female      20s      Hispanic          Tom Green County (TGC)       PCR
  • Female      50s      Hispanic          TGC     PCR
  • Male          40s      White  TGC     PCR
  • Female      60s      Unknown        TGC     PCR
  • Male          60s      Unknown        TGC     PCR
  • Female      40s      White  TGC     PCR
  • Male          20s      White  TGC     PCR
  • Female      70s      Hispanic          TGC     PCR
  • Male          50s      Hispanic          TGC     PCR
  • Male          20s      Hispanic          TGC     PCR
  • Female      10s      Unknown        TGC     PCR
  • Male          50s      Hispanic          TGC     PCR
  • Male          30s      White  TGC     PCR
  • Female      Young  Hispanic          TGC     PCR
  • Female      Young  Hispanic          TGC     PCR
  • Male          60s      White  TGC     PCR
  • Female      30s      Hispanic          TGC     PCR
  • Female      70s      Hispanic          TGC     PCR
  • Male          20s      White  TGC     PCR
  • Male          70s      White  Irion County    PCR
  • Female      60s      White  Coke County   PCR
  • Female      70s      Hispanic          Crockett County          PCR
  • Male          90s      Hispanic          Sutton County PCR
  • Female      80s      Hispanic          Crockett County          PCR
  • Female      60s      White  Coke-Nolan counties  PCR
  • Female      50s      White  TGC     PCR
  • Female      30s      Unknown        TGC     PCR
  • Female      20s      Unknown        TGC     PCR
  • Female      30s      Unknown        TGC     PCR
  • Female      30s      Unknown        TGC     PCR
  • Male          20s      Unknown        TGC     PCR
  • Female      50s      Unknown        TGC     PCR
  • Female      20s      Unknown        TGC     PCR
  • Female      50s      Unknown        TGC     PCR
  • Male          20s      Unknown        TGC     PCR
  • Male          60s      Black   TGC     PCR
  • Male          20s      Hispanic          TGC     PCR
  • Male          70s      Unknown        TGC     PCR
  • Female      60s      White  TGC     PCR
  • Male          10s      White  TGC     PCR
  • Female      20s      White  TGC     PCR
  • Male          60s      Hispanic          TGC     PCR
  • Female      20s      Unknown        TGC     PCR
  • Female      20s      Hispanic          TGC     PCR
  • Female      50s      Hispanic          TGC     PCR
  • Male          Young  White  TGC     PCR
  • Female      30s      Hispanic          TGC     PCR
  • Female      Infant  Hispanic          TGC     PCR
  • Female      60s      White  TGC     PCR
  • Male          60s      Black   TGC     PCR
  • Male          40s      White  TGC     PCR
  • Female      70s      White  TGC     Antigen
  • Male          70s      White  Howard County           Antigen
  • Female      60s      White  TGC     Antigen
  • Female      50s      White  Concho County           Antigen
  • Male          70s      Hispanic          TGC     Antigen
  • Female      60s      Hispanic          TGC     Antigen
  • Male          20s      Unknown        Runnels County           Antigen
  • Female      10s      White  TGC     Antigen
  • Male          Young  Hispanic          TGC     Antigen
  • Female      50s      White  TGC     Antigen
  • Male          30s      Hispanic          TGC     Antigen
  • Female      30s      White  TGC     Antigen
  • Female      20s      Unknown        TGC     Antigen
  • Female      50s      Hispanic          TGC     Antigen
  • Female      Young  White  TGC     Antigen
  • Male          50s      White  TGC     Antigen
  • Female      40s      Hispanic          TGC     Antigen
  • Female      30s      Unknown        TGC     Antigen
  • Female      80s      White  TGC     Antigen

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Someone may have gone to visit a loved one and infected them. That someone is still wandering around San Angelo, maybe serving food or liquor or working in your favorite retail. Wear the mask!

People keep thinking these numbers are inflated...and everything is a "conspiracy"....They dont want to listen. Very frustrating.

This didn't all just happen overnight. These victims deserve the same transparency as other positive cases.

My mom was at Arbor terrace last year sometime & I can actually see it spreading there very easily.

I thought the masks were supposed to prevent this? Hmm.

According to the political puppets that need you all to wear a mask, apparently it’s not your right to not wear a mask. Yet, it’s still difficult to figure out why they are so desperate to get as many people as possible in face masks unless this isn’t about logic at all, but control.

Just how much enslavement will it take to get Americans to wake up?

What if in actuality that masks, when worn by the general population, become vectors for COVID-19? We likely have virus-contaminated face masks worn by people with absolutely no concept of face mask hygiene and viral contamination. They are unwitting agents for spreading this pathogen.

What’s more important than keeping masks over Americans’ faces is keeping the veils over their eyes.

What will it take for these conspiracy theorists to let go of their stupid ideas that this is a hoax?! Every time I go somewhere, I see a plethora of dumb people either not wearing a mask or wearing it improperly. Maybe they will kill each other off, but I doubt it. Lots of innocent people will die as a result of their clinging to their so-called freedom to remain mask-free. Darwinism is alive & well in San Angelo.

Folks...... this is all just such horse crap. Just today, I've had 2 people who both went to ER with sore throat, ear ache and headaches. ER staff demanded Covid tests be performed and both came back negative. The doctors refused to test for the Flu or Strep when both patients asked to be tested, saying that due to their symptoms, they were both being labeled as Covid patients and to go home and quarantine for 14 days......... There's 2 that went toward that count for today that a test was negative for the virus when administered....... Bull Crap, Bull Crap, Bull Crap....... They are playing the public like puppets with all this fear factor B.S.......

Careful Doctor, that kind of talk will get you censored. Now kneel before the ordained public health “officials”. Common sense has no place here. “Logic is an enemy and truth is a menace.” “ You are obsolete Mr. Wordsworth...and the State has no use for your kind!”

Wabo73, Fri, 07/31/2020 - 23:59

No Covid positive person can go to dialysis in San Angelo they have to go to Abilene the ladies talking about that are full of crap Been over two weeks since some from nursing home were sent to Abilene and where they are up there needs be shut down And it’s between patients not using hand sanitizer plus improper wearing and washing of gloves you still have to hand sanitizer with gloves on after you touch something

Wabo73, Sat, 08/01/2020 - 00:06

When kids go back school there will be a huge spike there should be online only school and NO football or any sport til there’s a shot Sweat from one player on another and your done and when the under 25 death rate goes thru roof bunch people gona be pissed keep it up and there WILL BE ANOTHER lockdown and things will be bad this time Then more morons will protest which will make numbers go up more. On purpose or not it is a population control 150,000 will turn into 1,5 million And coming from someone that has a not even on normal scale aka super low immune system I just sit back at watch

Z Z, Sat, 08/01/2020 - 11:31

I had to take the test and must have waited in line 5 hours. It was slow going. I usually don't like to just sit in my car for 5 hours. I mean I could but that doesn't make any sense.

What would the neighbors say? They would be peeking through the blinds wandering...what is he doing? has he finally gone off the deep end?

No , apparently he is just sitting in his car. Why doesn't he go inside? Why would he just sit in his car for 5 hours?

So, we got up there and this nurse stuck a q tip up my nose and made me hang in there for 15 seconds.

The only consolation I guess is that she was a cute nurse from Shannon and told me to hold it for 15 seconds, so maybe there was a little Freudian psychology that accidentally kicked in.

Then I tested negative but still had to sit at home for 14 days.

It's just a democratic hoax, Herman Cain is proof of that, moreover just count the coffins. Those that want to claim it is nothing have that right while those that trust the medical professionals take precautions and treat the world wide hoax as though it is a real threat because it is.

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