Coronavirus Numbers: San Angelo Testing Positive at an Alarming Rate


SAN ANGELO, TX – In San Angelo 23 people have died from Coronavirus, hundreds have been hospitalized, and thousands have been infected. 

According to COSA, on July 29, 2,131 people in San Angelo have contracted COVID-19. This is out of a population of 100,215. So far 13,095 people have been tested for the Coronavirus and 9,695 of those tests have been negative. This means more than 25% of the people getting tested are coronavirus positive. 

These types of test reported in San Angelo are PCR and Antigen. Out of the total number of positive tests 1,633 were from PCR and 498 were from Antigen tests.

Although San Angelo has had 2,131 positive coronavirus patients 1,161 patients have been released from quarantine. This leaves 816 cases still active. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic 253 people have been hospitalized. 52 patients are currently hospitalized with 7 of them being in the ICU. 23 patients have died from COVID-19. 16 of them were from Tom Green County the other seven were from outside the county line. Patients who have gone into the hospital have died 9.09% of the time. In San Angelo the mortality rate for a coronavirus patients is .84%.

The most common groups of people that are testing positive is Hispanic female ages 20-29. Hispanic people are 51.8% of the total number of positives in San Angelo followed by White people at 25.7%. The remainder of the races make up 22.5% of the positive tests. Also females make up 52.3% of San Angelo's positive case count while males only make up 47.7%. 

Out of the 2,131 positive cases 531 of them came from people ages 20-29, 378 came from people ages 30-39, 305 came from people ages 40-49, 271 came from people ages 0-19, 269 came from people ages 50-59, 194 came from people ages 60-69, and 178 came from people over the age of 70.

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...and I"m glad to see that San Angelo Live has ramped up their coverage. However, where were you in early January? The middle of March? Even the middle of June? Your coverage and the urgency it implies could have gone a long way toward emphasizing the dangers of this invisible killer. Now you must deal with the infectiousness of the presymptomatic, the asymptomatic, or the mildly symptomatic. No one really knows who is shedding the virus cells; no one really knows what they are breathing in as they follow someone through the grocery store or down a jogging path; no one really knows which breath will become pneumonia. We are in a state of siege from a largely invisible enemy. Your newspaper can help people understand the value of masks, the purposes of masks, the value and purposes of social distancing, the need to face this viral reality with grace. Thank you.

Many of the positives are from neighboring counties, how can you compare apples to oranges? Deaths are not all from here either.

It's a shame that Abbott would be satisfied with 10% when the real target is or should be zero percent. Everywhere I go I see people wearing no mask or wearing it improperly. I dislike wearing a mask as much as anyone but it is a small inconvenience to possibly prevent being infected.

The deaths are needless...a cure exists.

The so called public health “officials” have offered nothing more than basic hygiene practices that we learn in kindergarten. And, those officials contradict themselves at every turn.

Abbott has gone rogue and is not talking to his legislature or deputy, despite the fact that they have requested a special session be called in order to address these changes to and infringements on our daily lives. The legislature needs to be convened so that the direct representatives of the people of Texas can have input on these changes and speak on behalf of their constituents.

If masks work, why the six feet?
If six feet works, why the mask?
If both work, why the lockdown?
You are being trained and conditioned.

Just get in the boxcar.

Unless you are trying to win a Darwin award you will heed the advice of the medical community. You see this is a very contagious malady and the extra precautions are there for that purpose. No one has said the mark is 100% protection, nor the social distancing. Let mask-less Herman Cain be an example.

Which advice from the medical community should we heed? Those who spout the approved messaging, or those that are being censored. Maybe that’s not our choice either.

..when the next major city in the U.S. goes up in flames, with an uptick of "peaceful protests", the "experts" will play down much of the hype.

The empty suits and skirts that are the mass mockingbird media no longer enlighten, but foster confusion and fear. The media establishment works to put one part of the society against the other, hellbent on disorienting and in turn programming the masses. Our independent thought be damned. Rest assured, we are being coaxed to accept anything in the name of safety.

Z Z, Fri, 07/31/2020 - 16:58

I went with my dad once to the cattle auction. I fell in two feet of cow manure and was covered in it. That is what I get for wandering around and being curious.

So, when you say peaceful, I think we should put on our Texas cowboy boots.

Its anything but peaceful. Not the right word. and its not protesting either.

Z Z, Fri, 07/31/2020 - 17:14

I worked with a kid from Front Row, Virginia. For a long time, I thought he was saying Front Royal. He didn't clearly pronounce his words. maybe from the Appalachians or something. Anywho, he gave me a gift from his home town type thinking which was a confederate flag. I didnt really think much of it and placed it in a dresser drawer. I never displayed it and really didn't even think about it. It was more like a relic or something rather than anything that had significance with any of my current responsibilities or concerns at that time. I viewed it as history buff sort of stuff.

He and I traveled some together and he would always say and do dumb things sometimes. I overlooked it because I do too and maybe that is why we were such good friends. I grew up in the Indian territories on the South Canadian river. Those were promised to the American Indians by Andrew Jackson. I visited the Western Heritage Museum they used to call the Cowboy Hall of Fame and met Clem McSpadden. He was the tour guide at the museum also in Colorado.

The only flag I ever served under was the one hand sewn by Betsy Ross. That is the only one I care about too.

Z Z, Fri, 07/31/2020 - 17:36

Old commercial. I sang his wife this song.

You've come a long way baby
to get where you got to today
you got Virginia slim now baby
you came a long long way

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