Coronavirus: Face Masks Are Now Mandatory in All Large Stores



SAN ANGELO, TX – In an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, the Local Health Authority has issued an order requiring businesses to require the use of face masks in retail stores with an occupancy load of 100 people or more.

Here's the order:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Dr. James Vretis, Tom Green County Public Health Authority, pursuant to Texas Health and Safety Code §81.082, hereby issue the following control measure order to limit the spread of COVID-19:

Effective 12:00 a.m. on June 27, 2020 all retail stores that have a posted occupancy load of 100 persons or more within Tom Green County, Texas shall require all customers 10 years or older and all employees to wear a mask or cloth that covers the mouth and nose while they are within the store or within 6 feet of a person from another household when they are outside the store and on store property.

“We applaud the City of San Angelo for looking out for the health of our residents and our customers,” said Nick George, top store leader at H-E-B. “As COVID-19 cases drastically increase across the state, San Angelo must be vigilant against the virus. Masks are an easy, proven way to slow the spread of the coronavirus.”


All businesses not otherwise covered by this order are strongly recommended to similarly require mask for all customers and employees.


This Order is issued under my authority as Public Health Authority for Tom Green County, Texas on this

6/25/2020 | 10:17 AM CDT

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What a complete load of crap! Time for some “civil disobedience” of our own. These edicts from minor bureaucrats need to be ignored in a free society that derives our rights from God! (Remember, there’s a 99% survival rate with this China Flu . . . just like the common annual flu.) ENOUGH ALREADY!

bring it LARPer. what are you gonna do, cry about your lost liberties you lily white snowflake?

BT37, Thu, 06/25/2020 - 19:46

Why does some HEB manager always have some comment in the local news? Why does HEB feel they always need to have an opinion in this town? You are a grocery store manager not a local politician! I would bet your not even from San Angelo. Are you the one that just retired that someone felt it was so important we had to see a news story about it, or are you the arrogant manager that works at the new HEB. Why is it only HEB has something to say in the news? You never see any of the other "big box stores" managers trying to get their names in the head lines. Mabee HEB is trying to sway local politics! What's next? is HEB going to be paying into local political funds or pushing local political agendas!

Time to vote these Commie Commisioners out who appointed this joker Dr. Vretis as our new overlord. Vote out Rick Bacon, Bill Ford, Sammy Farmer, and Ralph Hoelscher. We also need to vote out that RINO mayor Brenda Gunter as well as that weak governor Greg Abbott. Time for the people to take back power from these overreaching tyrants who got a taste of power and now get their rocks off implementing new “high crimes and misdemeanors” against us serfs.

R B, Thu, 06/25/2020 - 22:32

This is pure socialism and dictatorship.
Every one I have seen in a mask treat them like fashion accessories. They still touch face and each other like it is a normal day. Never once cleaning their hands.
It bothers me they are pushing mask but not pushing people to carry sanitizer or a disinfectant to kill germs on what they have touched. Every thing people touch goes with them till they wash their hands. A mask does not prevent germs people leave behind on credit card machines, countertops, door handles, baskets and grocery carts. Also car doors, steering wheel, house door knobs.

How could it be?... All our officials are republican. Unless you are saying the repubes are commies... Which then I'll agree.

to hell with vretis. none of us voted for him. he doesn't even wear a mask in the videos he's put out and then they push these edicts out during the evening when nobody can complain about it or call the local offices. we need to stage a protest at his front door and maybe he'd realize he's not a tyrant or king.

So the person not wearing a mask is not guilty of anything, but the private business is guilty of a crime if they don't enforce the order. Let me guess, the person without the mask will be told to leave and the police will then arrest them for criminal trespass if they don't . Just what we need around here, more officious teenagers dictating our behavior enforced by the power of the State. This isn't socialism, it is something much worse.

I am not saying NOT wearing a mask is less safe than not wearing a face mask, i am just wanting to point out facts i have personally read on here that a judge said the number one reason of the spread of covid was through bars, yet they are open through out the day & clear into the morning (all are allowed to stay open til 2am) w/ NOBODY forced to wear a mask, so maybe we should shut that mess down considering nothing else is open at this time & camping & any out door activities are shut down at 10.

Our tyrant in Chief has been implicated, by the most conservative of warhawks BTW, of asking the Chinese for help in winning an election and it's masks that are making some lose their shyt?! That is worse than wearing any mask. Pathetic.

I expect whiny babies on Twitter but y'all take the cake. God forbid you have to wear a mask for 30 mins while you shop. So y'all complain about a mask and I bet y'all are the same ones that complain because black people want to stop being treated unfairly. Yeah, your civil liberties are SO threatened. Aren't y'all the same ones that say everyone must follow the law or they should be arrested. Well guess what, consequences happen... you should be kicked out of a store if you don't wear a mask. Man up, you wussies.

Jeff L, Fri, 06/26/2020 - 06:22

Wont be wearing one. Executive orders are not laws and therefor are not punishable by law. Have a nice day a holes

... "Super Jeff " ... hehehe... I just want to say . . "Good Luck with that Super J !!" Let that superior immune system you so proudly claim you have ... at your age go "One on one " with Covid19 virus! We will all be waiting to hear of your victory! :-P

There are a lot of good points raised and I agree with most of them except of course with the idiot Salt.
My question is; When are some of the Keyboard Rambos in this town going to organize and actually do something about these Napoleonic nitwits? Or is your idea of civil disobedience just banging away on the keyboard?
I for one, will be visiting 3 different stores tomorrow that fall under this new “directive” and plan on ignoring the poor sods charged with the enforcement of this lunacy.
I’m not taking anymore of this. As long as the Sheeple continue to fall into line we will continue to lose more and more of our rights and freedoms.
I’ve had enough.
Have you?

YoBoe, Fri, 06/26/2020 - 17:28

Just watch out for the people who can’t grasp social distancing. If you are going to Walmart don’t worry, hardly anyone there knows how to wear a mask.

Pretty easy to see who the real snowflakes are in this situation. Yes, I'm referring to the type who consistently bring up, "tHe SaCrIfIcEs ThAt WeRe MaDe FoR mY fReEdUmBs!" but are unwilling to sacrifice wearing a mask for 30 mins when in public.

"Masks are an easy, proven way to slow the spread of the coronavirus." Whoa! Very strong claim. Any conclusive "proof"? There are no "easy, proven ways". Indeed, mask wearing should be optional. The public has more self informed common sense about how to manage their personal health in virus outbreaks than bureaucrats. If you doubt that, just look at the ineptness, not to mention power-grabbing, of the governments of New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and California. Finally, as of June 25, there are a grand total of 11 current hospitalizations in San Angelo. A total of 2 deaths since March. Why the panic????

YoBoe, Fri, 06/26/2020 - 12:37

Based on the logic behind this decision the Mayor should order everyone to stop driving, here is the logic. So far we have had two (2) deaths and about 300 test positive. Looking back here in Live, there have been about eight (8) people killed in vehicle accidents THIS MONTH ALONE. Now I am not a rocket scientist but if we are taking preventative steps because two people died in four months than we definitely need to take steps to decrease the number of deaths in accidents, it is only logical.

Talk about taking away our civil liberties! Won’t be in HEB anymore until this insanity stops. Oh and BTW, there’s a new manager at the old HEB, he’s coming from the new store. The good service will change

BT37, Fri, 06/26/2020 - 16:38

I think the the manager at the old HEB is already gone, for about 2 or 3 weeks now it doesnt smell like a barnyard when you walk in the door. The store looks really clean now and doesnt smell. Someone new must be in there cleaning that place up. Mabee when they are done there they will replace the incompetent manager at the new HEB because it smells like rotten fish there! I say boycott HEB until they stay out of local politics! Your a grocery store manager shut up and clean out your rotten food!

Please go and exercise your right to protest. You should have no problem with ill treatment from the police. For gawds sakes, don't forget to take your guns. You mouth breathers hate masks for fear of having to smell your own breath. Mr. Harry, why stop at three stores? To hot for ya? You fair weather protesters are are the worst.

And no banning driving is not logical. It's stupid. You can't catch an accident. SMH!

... H.E.B. .... sure sounds like a "Personal Problem" to me! I'm quite sure that you won't be missed at either H.E.B. locations! :-D

Won't shop at San Angelo HEB or Walmart until this unlawful edict is lifted. Period. Have decided to drive more distance and vote with my wallet. Might be interesting to get out and travel a bit more. I'm sure not going to "stay home." Just not a way to go through life. And there's a reason some have called face masks "face diapers." It's because they are. Not only are they unsanitary, but forced wearing them is arguably inhumane and, yes, humiliating. Stop the Corona Panic yesterday!

Please explain to us all what exactly is unlawful? We already understand that you don't care about anyone but yourself, so no need to explain that.

I'm having a hard time understanding why people are fighting wearing a face mask so much. I understand being told you HAVE to do something makes one want to rebel against authority. No one gets that more than me, believe me. I also understand that face masks are uncomfortable and not ideal for people who arent used to wearing them. Again, 100% agree with that sentiment. What I don't understand is why when they were optional did no one take the opportunity to not spread disease? Because the worst thing that can come from wearing a mask is pimples and blackheads if you don't wash it often, but the worst thing that can happen if you don't wear one is that disease spreads rampant and you've done nothing to stop it. So im unsure why anyone regardless of political affiliation would choose not to wear a mask. Again, worst case scenario you're uncomfortable and the disease spreads still OR best case scenario you've stopped the spread of disease. Why? Please help me understand

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