Coronavirus: City Drops the Hammer on Easter Activities in All Public Park Areas

SAN ANGELO, TX – City of San Angelo officials have chosen to close all parks, walking areas and lakes for the Easter weekend beginning Thursday to combat the Coronavirus. 

Here's the press release issued Wednesday evening:

In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our community the following will be closed or prohibited beginning on Thursday, April 9th at 5 p.m. through Monday, April 13th at 8 a.m.

  • All parks will be closed to any and all activity, no exceptions
  • All trails will be closed for all activities, no exceptions (this includes the Concho River Walk and the Red Arroyo Trail)
  • All lakes (Nasworthy, Fisher and Twin Buttes) will be closed to all public access and activity, no exceptions
    • This includes all public boat ramps and docks
    • Private docks are still allowed to be used by the owner

Important information to remember:

  • Only leave home for essential activities
  • All public/private gatherings of people outside of your household regardless of size are prohibited
  • The CDC and Local Health Authority are recommending the public wear cloth masks in public settings when social distancing is not possible
  • Please stay 6 feet away from others
  • Wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds
  • Use hand sanitizer when soap is not available
  • Clean and disinfect common surfaces
For more information on COVID-19 visit

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I can’t believe San Angelo has bought into this craziness. Parks should be open. So ashamed of people in San Angelo they are still hoarding toilet paper and groceries. I thought this community was better than this.

I agree with you Laura, this is just ridiculous already! Media is just making this so much worse then it has to be. Before this virus no one was posting anything on their social media about God and I guarantee after this is over no one will be mentioning anything about God. Only when they are living in fear do they want to start trusting in God.

How much longer must we submit to this government overreach? What's next, telling us we can not gather as private citizens? Arresting us for not conforming to government edicts? It is utterly ridiculous the sheep mentality of governmental leadership. Tell you what, my large family will gather for Easter, celebrate the resurrection of our Savior and enjoy our annual egg hunt as always. The number of Chinese Virus cases in the Concho Valley is minimal, at best. Governmental agencies are historically out of money and poorly run by over officious bureaucrats, the last thing we need is these dingalings dictation how we exist. It won't be long before the populace revolts against this unconstitutional madness.

San Angeleans need to WAKE UP!! The facts of this virus don't support this level of government overreach.
Our city doesn't HAVE to close these parks, they're choosing to, and we need to stand up for our rights. Guess our constitution just gets totally suspended whenever San Angelo City officials choose?!?! We have a 1st AMENDMENT RIGHT to peacefully assemble...this decision 1000% violates that right.
We need to show up enmasse all weekend at parks across the city. Hopefully the weather is beautiful too!
For some facts here... We're at 25 cases in San Angelo, out of 120,000+ people. Out of what, almost 1,000 tests!?!? Give me a freaking break!! And most of these people are related!!!
If you're scared, stay home. If you're sick, stay home. Otherwise take the precautions you normally do & get back to living.
We are being lied to & manipulated...WAKE UP!!

of tyranny at the local level.

no need at all for the parks to be closed down long as families stay separate. it's like they wanna terrify people as much as possible.

how could closing the boat docks prevent coronavirus lmao. do they think there's 100 people launching 100 boats all at the same time? that's ridiculous.

we gotta get these bums out of office.

Thank you city of San Angelo officials for trying to protect us from the sheer ignorance of people!! This should not only apply to this weekend but should stand until all restrictions are lifted. Stay Home safe lives they are not making that shit up! Look what's happening across the state we'll check our confirmed cases May 1st then see what you super intelligent individuals have to say hopefully I'm wrong!

No one said they were making it up!!! Now on the other hand was this “virus” man made?? There are a lot of facts to back that up. Trump just said he was going to investigate the WHO because they are behind this too. Look up Event 201 and then tell me they didn’t have this all planned out. There are a lot of corrupt people behind this and everyone is reacting just as planned....SMH

And let me guess your probably one hoarding toilet paper??? If people would really take some time and use common sense this whole thing doesn’t add up! Call me an idiot but I’m not the only idiot out here laughing at you idiots locked in your house.
You can lead people to the truth but you can’t force them to believe it...

I'm not certain that anything stated here meets our increasingly heightened (lowered??) standards for what classifies as cretinous imbecility. We live in a world where Cardi B is planning to run for political office:

...As a Democrat, of course...

I take it you're not familiar with the increasingly popular declaration and sentiment that we are "living in a clown world," the idiocratic workings of which we are often powerless to confront with anything besides incredulous laughter:

"Take the Honkpill
"Taking the Honkpill is a declaration of freedom and an act of philosophical transcendence; it is the simultaneous acknowledgment of the Blackpill with the decision to avoid it's attendant nihilism - by consciously choosing to seek joy, to seek adventure, to seek light-hearted and self-amused mastery in the midst of all the chaos. The Honkpill is a philosophy unto itself... and perhaps, in these trying times, is just the medicine this broken world needs."
- Internet copypasta

All of the bigger cities in Texas have already taken these measures. Maybe that explains why it isn't quite as widespread here... Please try not to be so simple minded. Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.

This is not the government taking over, or any kind of tyrannical power play. It's common sense to keep individuals isolated from one another when trying to figure out how to most effectively deal with something to limit the opportunities to spread - people, animals, plants, fish... it's all the same. Just because the MSM blew things out of proportion and caused everybody to FTFO about toilet paper early on doesn't mean everybody needs to start looking for conspiracy theories behind every tree. Stay home and limit your exposure until a solid resolution is realized.

It's called "Common Sense" for a reason, but the oxymoronic value is that it is not.

You don't have to believe that 4th dimensional Atlantean reptile demons in league with their Illuminati domesticats and the UFO colonizers are running a hoax.exe program in the Matrix to conjecture that powerful people might want more power if the opportunity arises. The idea that a crisis might not go to waste is one that any reasonable person would spare the excision of Occam's razor. Even De Tocqueville knew better than to ignore such possibilities.

The idea that "a worldwide conspiracy" could be carried out through Yi Jinping's relationship with this one, singular, individual guy named Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus who happens to be the chief of the World Health Organization - an organization responsible for managing disease outbreaks that effect... ...wait for it... ...the entire world - isn't an altogether kooky idea, either.

Considering that a power struggle has been going on here, in the most powerful nation in the world, to remove a duly elected President from office in a way that would have reverberations around the world that might help squash anti-globalist, nationalist movements that have arisen over the past few years, it might be advisable to take even claims about events declared a "global crisis" with a measure of skepticism.

Finally, something to consider: Coronavirus isn't going away. The measures being taken are about "flattening" a bell curve of infections so that medical facilities aren't overrun by a supposedly lethal disease. Just like Ebola and Zika, Covid-19 will still be "out there" indefinitely. Unlike Ebola or Zika... our reaction has shut down most of the economy.

I was reading the comments as people being upset they couldn't spend Easter in the park and blaming in on local government overstepping their boundaries of civic duty, rather than pangs of a New World Order totalitarian regime in the making.

But... whatever makes your day go smoother, I suppose. Carry on!

Weren't local officials pulling power plays long before the emergence of an international health crisis with "gag orders" and such? And how are the workings of international politics an NWO conspiracy theory?

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