Coronavirus: Patient Refused to Quarantine After Testing Positive


ABILENE, TX -- City officials confirmed Monday morning that a patient who tested positive for COVID-19 refused to self-quarantine, even after receiving their test results.

According to the city, the patient was a male in his 40's that had visited New York City with his wife. He had mild symptoms like a dry cough, but no fever. The couple refused to follow public health guidelines and continued to go about their daily lives.

"This kind of behavior is irresponsible. This kind of behavior makes people sick," said officials.

The city confirmed that the male positive case had been announced previously, so several days have passed since the results came back. They further advised the couple is currently being monitored 24/7 by authorities and the city is looking to have them outfitted with ankle monitors.

The city is taking the coronavirus outbreak seriously and has pledged to do everything in their power to contain the spread. The case count is currently up to 11 positive cases.

The two most current cases are a male in his 30s with a history of travel. He has been quarantined at home since the symptoms began. The second is a male in his 80s with a history of travel. He is currently hospitalized in stable condition.

In response to the increase in cases, they will be implementing a shelter-in-place beginning March 31 at noon and will last until April, 14 at 11:59 p.m.

According to the order, any person that is sick or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms is ordered to stay home until the following criteria are met:

  • he or she has had no fever for at least 72 hours without the use of medicine that reduces fevers; and
  • his or her other symptoms have improved (for example, when the cough or shortness of breath has improved); and
  • at least 14 days have passed since the symptoms first appeared.

The city has also ordered the business that falls into the following categories to temporarily close their doors:

  • Hair salons, hairstylists, barbershops, nail salons, tattoo parlors, piercing businesses, and all similar personal grooming related businesses that require close personal contact; and
  • Food truck gatherings of two or more food trucks; and
  • Game rooms, bowling alleys, movie theaters, arcades, miniature golf courses, gyms, fitness centers, or other similar entertainment venues; and
  • Sexually Oriented Businesses
  • Smoking rooms in tobacco stores (it is the intent to limit the closure only to the smoking rooms and not the sale of tobacco products).

Citizens who are found violating the order that restricts private and public gatherings may be punished with the fine of $1000 or confinement in jail for up to 180 days. The full order can be found at the following link.

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Color me shocked. Psyche! Who's going to do anything at all about this? Nobody? Mkay again, criminal negligence. You're going to let these people kill others by proxy.

Need to release their name and photo to public if anyone has it and refuse to quarantine.

CGM5, Mon, 03/30/2020 - 16:48

Rita, I have read several of your statements in the past. I don't believe you are really an idiot so why would you make such a statement? Is this really the way you feel about your family or anyone that you may love? Do you yourself believe you are immune to the virus?
If there is truly someone so stupid and selfish as to not care if they infect others then their names and photos should be made public. The reason for this would not for revenge but to deter the next selfish idiot from doing the same thing.

I could care less about your infantile terroristic threats and/or the reasons why you would make them. If you choose to violate the law or find loopholes to carry out your agenda, then you have set the precedent and it will only be a matter of time before your own identity is known.

If you want to subject people to authoritarian rules using the China virus or some other manufactured "crisis" as an excuse, quit pansying around and get on with it. In such a scenario, there is no possible way that letting someone like you have their way is going to produce a more safe result for anyone affected.

There is conflicting information and we are, collectively, already taking measures to err on the side of safety. In light of that, your own position is highly suspect.

Besides, my own identity on this site was already compromised a little over 2 years ago long before the coronavirus pandemic was an issue. Selfish idiots don't like being mocked, parodied, or called out. I don't have coronavirus but I certainly do know what it means to have someone attempt to control your behavior with a doxxing. Look into it if you like.

But mark my words, this virus isn't what it's being made out to be.

I'm going to stay "Right" on this and simply say, (without the intent to insult or offend) that if they were to do such a thing, it would be just as bad as how they are raising taxes on purchase of weapons to 50% and ammo to 30%. Their intentions of doing this being the removal of our 2 constitutional right. Them releasing this fellers photo and information that should have never been shared with anyone, except for the Dr. and the patient. Would be a complete violation of our God given rights.

THEIR RIGHTS STOP WHERE MINE STARTS. They are sick with a highly communicable disease that has so far killed 19% of the people who have had it. If someone is going to stay home for the duration of their sickness, I don't care who they are or what they look like. In this case, the person is refusing to not infect other people and is blatantly putting everyone he comes into contact with at risk. I want a name, I want a face. I want to know who the hell to avoid and withholding that information is an extreme threat to public health. We have zero problem plastering sex offenders names and addresses and pictures online for the world to see as they pose a threat and we should be able to see who they are. This is no different.

I've never been much for foreplay miss repulsa! Maybe I should, but that doesn't make me any more someone to listen to than if i stand 2 feet away and scream it at a stranger. Even when I'm right I'm still wrong. Ah the life of a lowley waitress. "Well what do you recommend?" I recommend not eating this garbage and going home to cook but here we both are!

When I read your comment, I actually took a break from crying onto my lawn to go inside and cry onto the carpet. On the moon, tears just freeze and slowly float away in complete silence. Sometimes they meet with the ground, to fracture into despondent and incomplete pieces, but they just as often drift away into the loneliness of the uncaring empty void; frozen, alone, lifeless and barren as they wander, perhaps never to encounter warmth - never to be included in anything called life ever again.

But here it is warm. The tears pour hot and fluid, their salty taste suffusing my own mouth as they flow in an unbroken stream, down towards the warm Earth below. Here, my constant wailing travels loudly through the dense atmosphere of a world teaming with life of every kind. Animals and children in the neighborhood flee, grown men make the sign of the cross and sound their mufflers as they hastily speed away.

Oh, you can never know the tragic sadness, the pure 100% frozen concentrate of pathos that is Rita Repulsa, to see Earth from the moon, to be only marginally smarter than much of the human species and still be horrified by its capacity for creating avoidable and absurd torment for all life it encounters.

If only... you were wise enough to know that Trump is right...

I'm on a steady diet of hypoglycemic possums, overly aggressive squirrels, and charred mesquite bark, JJ.

Z Z, Fri, 04/03/2020 - 23:02

In our part of country , amarillos are familiar to us. Once I was out chopping wood and I heard something snorting and digging. I quieted down, glanced over my left shoulder. Sure enuff, it was a critter. He didn't care about me because he was doing his own thing.

So, i decided I didn't care what he was doing.

I admire your way with words. I am greatest fan. Lets don't talk about this when we are eating supper.


Ah yes the trifecta. Do u have a recipe for field mouse? I cant seem to keep the whiskers from giving me indigestion

Peart, I was the one who said it originally and I knew when I wrote it I should have clarified that I wasn't comparing the 2 in terms of them being the same thing or the same "amount of bad". I meant that we show sex offenders names, pictures, and addresses so that the people who live around them can successfully stay the hell away from them because they are a threat to your safety if you don't know who they are. Someone with coronavirus who refuses to quarantine is also a threat to your safety if you cant positively identify them. Is that better? I've spoonfed you something you should have picked up on. Instead of thinking about the content of the article, you decided to make a strawman argument. Did you vote for Bernie? Hmmm

Hey Rita, love the feeling of living rent free in your head. MAGA! You obviously have no life outside of sa live rants. You are in my prayers and have my pity.

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