Coronavirus: All Grocery Stores Must Keep Less Than 100 People Inside At All Times


SAN ANGELO, TX – Tom Green County Public Health Authority Dr. James Vretis has issued a control measure order that will impact the operations of all grocery and building supply stores in the city. This comes on the heels of the fifth reported case in San Angelo.

In a press release the city announced that beginning noon on Sunday the stores must comply with the following measures:

  1. No more than 100 customers at a time shall be allowed in the store. 
  2. Stores may have only 1 controlled entrance into the facility that is manned by a person whose responsibility it is to ensure no more than 100 customers are present at any one time. 
  3. Shall ensure that at all times customers are queued in such a manner that there is at least 6 feet of space between each person. 
  4. Stores shall take extra measures to sanitize common surfaces including but not limited to carts, baskets, credit card machines, check-out lanes, restroom door handles, sink faucets. 
  5. All employees shall ensure they maintain proper hygiene through frequent handwashing. 
  6. Any employee who is exhibiting any symptoms of illness shall be sent home.

“A failure to follow this order shall subject you to further court action and will constitute a Class B misdemeanor pursuant to §81.087 of the Texas Health and Safety Code. Such court action may include application for a court order to authorize law enforcement to use reasonable force to secure the property, and to prevent individuals from entering the property. See §81.084(l).“

The full statement can be seen at the following link.

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I read..and re-read, and read again. You know what's really strange? I'm sure it's my fault I must have missed it...the part where face masks are mandatory or at the least recommended for all people going further than their front lawn. I did miss it, right? It clearly says this or at least infers it. Surely.

Wabo73, Mon, 03/30/2020 - 02:41

I thought it was 50 last week? I think new heb doing 50 last time I went noway there were 100

This is all such a huge crock of BS..... This has been around since the tail end of 2019. Everybody was going to the doctors and being told they had the flu, either strain A or B but flu screens were coming back negative and medical personell were just passing that off as the tests are not truly reliable. Most everybody felt really rotten and it took weeks or up to a month for a person to finally feel better, yet most made a full recovery and yes, just like the flu does every season, some died from complications.....
All of a sudden, the media networks learned of a name being tossed around called COVID-19. The media is responsible for making sure everybody and their dog heard of this "New biological warfare weapon" and made it a point to broadcast this to Americans for 40 minutes out of every hour they were televised. The media created this panic, the media caused store shelves to become empty overnight of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, face masks, eggs and on and on and on...... I know in January I had the "Flu" the doctor said, 2 weeks of feeling bad with 2 antibiotics to combat a massive chest infection, still feeling bad so another 2 weeks of a different antibiotic before finally feeling better... Yeah, I'm certain I had COVID-19 in January, and I recovered without having to use 358 rolls of toilet or 52 gallons of hand sanitizer all while sitting inside my home shivering from fear that I MIGHT catch this new deadly pandemic plague if I go to Walmart and walk past somebody that's not suited up in a self contained body suit........ The world is full of stupid people who became puppets and operated remotely by the media......

Those that refuse to take this virus seriously are endangering the rest of us. Those whining about not having disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer and etc because people bought them up have none because they never bought any ever prior to this demand. I have not bought a single thing that I don't keep on hand, as a matter of fact I have not bought anything other than food since the COVID-19 began better known. I reckon that the "be prepared" scout slogan has served me well thus far, no whining here. The COVID-19 is not a joke and smart folks will treat as a joke or "hoax" but then "stupid is forever". There are many contestants for the Darwin award.

Regarded Sir, Madame, or Other

I take deep offense to your racist comments implying that Mexico and other third-world countries who have, more or less, blown off the recommendations coming from the World Health Organization and elsewhere to no ill effect are deserving of a "Darwin Award." Truly, you are one who is full of hate at a time when the Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Democratic world ( China...) is in the grip of a plague of apocalyptic proportions. This is compounded by the personal insult this represents as our storehouses run short of necessary name brand items I require to alleviate the intense butthurt this has caused me, causing me to need to consume a greater quantity of water, (now from the radioactive isotope laden local tap water,) just to stay hydrated as I continue to cry my salty tears into the lawn, forever salting the once fecund and lush garden that grew there in better days.…

* * *
NOTE: W.E.I.R.D. definition from
"In psychology, WEIRD is an acronym for Western, educated, industrialized, rich and democratic — a capsule description of the undergraduates that the majority of psychological tests are done on. Mostly first-year psychology students. The term is intended to denote awareness that doing all your studies on this tiny group (approximately 10-15% of human population)[1] may not in fact give results indicative of humanity in general, and that such claims may in fact be rubbish."

An illustrative example can be viewed here:

WEIRD bonus track:

“Die in my nightmares; I will live in yours.” - Aniket More

We're we all not in tears when those selfless Hollywood puppets took to their webcams and vocally defecated on "Imagine"?

You know, they're just like the rest of us -- if you can ignore the fact that they're nothing like the rest of us.

Lately, I've been enjoying and revisiting some of my favorite Dark Ambient music, of which, until about two weeks ago, even the most avid fan of it's macabre and apocalyptic themes would have to consciously turn on the ever useful, and willful "suspension of disbelief" before settling down with some unsettling sounds.

Celebrity fluff, with their feigned and empty gestures of altruism and benevolence may hit their needy targets where it counts during these times, but the burden of proof now falls upon these proverbial Kumbaya moments, which are entirely contingent on how long they can psychologically fend off the grievous and compulsive thoughts of human mortality in the face of a global pandemic.

Over 43,000 deaths as of April 1st. "Imagine all the people", indeed.

Megaptera - You Will Never Survive This Nightmare

Yes, imagine what the world - our immediate, personal "worlds" - would all become like if we just looked away from Hollywood... Imagine the connections we would reunite with our friends, family, and neighbors. Imagine the wholesome feelings we could enjoy with one another, sincerely, unironically, and unreservedly if we just looked away, stopped letting Hollywood warp our minds, our perceptions, our values, and rekindled the fire in our hearts of the platonic love and kindness for each other that we've been taught to reject and mistrust. Imagine if we remembered who we are.

Imagine if we stopped letting ourselves be led down the direction we've been taken...

Imagine if Hollywood was just wiped off of the face of the Earth. Not all at once, but gradually, as one by one, head by head, we all turned... and looked away. Imagine the world of possibilities that await us if we only...

Look away...

.... the King of TP has graced us "whiners " with his infamous knowledge and wisdom once again. So please Ole Great One, would you grace us all with the knowledge and skills of the "Prepared ways of the Scouts? Teach us whiners how to prepare in advance for a world wide pandemic of any type, so we may learn "your" ways and make the world a better place for the future so we can pass your knowledge and wisdom and Scout skills on to future generations. You will certainly earn "World Wide" recognition for your efforts. ( People, people, people... stop what your doing and wait patiently for the awesomeness of the all knowing, all seeing King of TP ... King Will.)

Ooh, I almost forgot, I want to ask you a question Will .... does the letters ( F.O.) have a meaning to you Will?? Just curious....

Y'all take care and stay safe and by all means ...
Listen to the words of Ole Will, King of TP ...
I'm certain I will be! Adios amigos... :-D

All hail, the one! Oh great prophet of all that is medical and corona-related...tell us how to beat the plague with dignity and knowledge! *pulls cord* damnit he must be out of batteries.

Not just Hollywood but also lying politicians and main stream media and TV shows that mock families. Exercise, grow a garden, talk to your kids and have dinner together.
I heard there are some companies that might be extremely profitable to invest in or buy stock. They make bidets.

Not just Hollywood but also lying politicians and main stream media and TV shows that mock families. Exercise, grow a garden, talk to your kids and have dinner together.
I heard there are some companies that might be extremely profitable to invest in or buy stock. They make bidets.

When a persons line is potentially on the line they do what they feel necessary to survive. Those that Fail Overtly but blame other for not being considerate of their wants and needs is no ones problem but their own. I notice that few pay any attention to the social distancing rule. I was at Walmart today and people were crowding around each other like everything is normal and some of them even bought TP. Warren had asked if F.O. means anything to me, the answer is no I didn't Fail Obligations but apparently you must have. That should satisfy your curiosity...

... retort to your comment Will ... you FAILED ... miserably to my question... and since those two letters do not seem to have the correct meaning to you ... I'm only going to say it again once more you actually did fail to correctly guess what the meaning of F. O. means .. good luck trying to figure out what what meaning I was thinking of ... cause you FAILED this time .... miserably Will .... that is all. :-D

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