Military Retirees Forbidden from Visiting Goodfellow AFB


SAN ANGELO, TX — The coronavirus crisis has forced the commander of the 17 Training Wing at Goodfellow Air Force Base to deny military retirees access. Retirees are given lifetime access to any base facility such as the AAFES Base Exchange, commissary, base theater, and etc. That access at Goodfellow AFB ends at 8 p.m. Friday night, March 27.

Goodfellow AFB's public affairs stated that the restrictions are to slow or prevent the spread of the coronavirus and the accompanying sickness called COVID-19. To date, no Goodfellow AFB personnel have tested positive for the virus.

The base went on Health Protection Condition (HPCON) Charlie March 26. HPCON Charlie was ordered by higher headquarters for all US Air Force facilities and it closed the base exchange and commissary to only active duty military members and their dependents and demanded social distancing procedures.

Under the additional restrictions for Tier 2:

  • The North Gate will be closed until further notice, effective March 27 at 8:00 p.m. Only mission essential personnel, who are integral to mission continuation, and on-base residents and their dependents will be granted access to the installation through the south gate. Visitor passes will only be granted for official business and require group commander approval.
  • All Veterans Identification Card (VIC) holders and military retirees can gain access to the base access only for official business.
  • All mission essential contractor personnel must enter through the commercial vehicle inspection area.

“We understand moving to Tier 2 for the base changes how we operate. These important measures are being taken to ensure we are safeguarding the health and safety of our Airmen, their families and the community from the continuing spread of COVID-19. We appreciate your flexibility during this time and understand these decisions affect you directly. The health and safety of our Airmen, their families and community are at the forefront of every decision we are making,” said Colonel Andres Nazario, 17th Training Wing commander.



They’re also losing access to their primary care providers at the Clinic.

I sure hope to God none of these super special active duty members are going to need civilian hospital ventilators, because the retirees will be using them!! Retirees are now suddenly left with ZERO pharmacy & ZERO primary healthcare providers!! The 17 Med Group is NOT a hospital & has no hospital beds. Closing ALL medical & base access to retirees is the biggest violation of retiree benefits this nation has ever seen! Who wants to sign a class action lawsuit against these commanders? They must be held accountable for their stupid decisions.

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