There are Only 22 Coronavirus Cases Reported in Texas, and None of Them are in San Angelo


SAN ANGELO, TX — At of the end of the workday on Thursday, March 12, the Coronavirus is not in San Angelo or Tom Green County, despite persistent rumors on Facebook. Every 15 minutes, we receive a call, email, or message through Facebook asking us to confirm the presence of a quarantined patient at Shannon Medical Center in downtown San Angelo.

“No patients have the virus here,” an emphatic Lyndy Stone, spokeswoman for Shannon told us this afternoon.

Sandra Villarreal, Executive Director for Health Services at the City of San Angelo, said that should a Coronavirus case be reported in the county, her department will officially announce it. Stone confirmed that Shannon is in almost constant contact with county health officials at Villarreal’s office and any announcement about the existence of the virus here will be announced through City and Tom Green County officials at the health department.

“The health department has the lead on announcing this if the need arrises, not us,” Stone said.

Coronavirus disease, also known as COVID-19, is a virus. World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in a speech today that, “Almost 125,000 cases have now been reported to WHO, from 118 countries and territories. In the past two weeks, the number of cases reported outside China has increased almost 13-fold, and the number of affected countries has almost tripled.”

At the website for the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU), a constantly updated map shows the spread of the disease. View the map here.

The CSSE map at Johns Hopkins shows 127,000 cases worldwide, 1323 cases in the U.S., and only 22 cases in Texas.

Ghebreyesus said today he believed the spread of the virus can be slowed by “detect, prevent and treat” then “reduce and suppress” the virus.

Shannon Medical Center announced yesterday the availability of free Coronavirus screening through its telemedicine service called Shannon on Demand. There is no charge for the screening.

To start a screening, patients can go to Shannon’s telemedicine website at To utilize the service on a mobile device, download the free Shannon On Demand app from the Apple or Google Play app stores. Patients then must create an account by following the prompts to set up their screening. Upon reaching the payment screen, enter the code "SHANNONCOVID19," and the screening will be free.

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... I do not have a Facebook account anymore!! I "woke up " to the fact that the residents of San Angelo that use FB on a daily basis... just go absolutely ...
" Looney Tunes " crazy when there is a situation like the Coronavirus in the News.... they take the information they get on FB as the only TRUE news! It makes me LMBO sometimes and then it sometimes make me feel sorry for those that put sooo much trust in what they read on Facebook! That's MY rant ... and I'm stickin to it! Y'all have a pleasant evening! :-)

Sure, it's a conspiracy theory... But isn't it odd that the sudden hysteria over coronavirus has hiked up sales of... toilet paper? Isn't it odd that with everyone so afraid of monstrous, projectile diarrhea that those benefiting most are companies making and selling toilet paper? Could it be that we're all being "plied" with such persistence that we all feel the need to wipe up so we aren't wiped out?

Who is absorbing all of the money from this? Maybe, just maybe, it's the big business of the big poop industry...

I'm confused about the "conspiracy theory" you allege. Is the COVID19 a hoax as Trump said or is it real. A worldwide conspiracy with people dying is so bizarre it absolutely borders on schizophrenic.

I find it difficult to believe anyone educated enough to make a professional psychological diagnosis could be sincerely confused by my comment - especially someone prescient enough to make an "e-diagnosis." If you are not qualified to make this diagnosis and not slightly psychic, I can then understand how you might miss the sarcasm in my post or have difficulty understanding the concept of media exaggeration and mischaracterization in the case of the coronavirus hysteria. Frankly, I think you're just playing games.

Will, if you think everyone you disagree with or who makes a joke is schizophrenic, maybe you're kind of a crazy control freak. The Left and the MSM want an overreaction, and many on the Left are overreacting themselves so that others will be convinced into following suit. I'm not buying it, and neither are many others.

If that is intolerable to you, feel free to attempt some kind of control freak action. Accusing political adversaries and dissidents of mental illness was, and is, a common tactic in Communist countries, so of course the Left will do this here in the States - not just to the average citizen but to the President himself. So, maybe you should try to get everyone you feel isn't frightened enough of lethal, deadly, terrifying coronavirus committed to an institution. Then, sit back and wait. What for what?

Well, one who f***s around invariably finds out.

Being is denial is as bad as being misinformed, Trump stated multiple times that CV is a democratic hoax that is a fact, yesterday he initialed a national emergency, that is what I call eating crow moreover today he got tested for CV and ate more crow. Poking your head in the sand and ignoring what is happening is not a sign of intelligence it is a sign of denial. The families of those several hundred that have died from the COVID-19 know there is no hoax. The president is at fault he fired the entire pandemic team and screamed hoax while people were getting infected and dying. You can blame the left and the MSM for right wing ignorance due to only trusting opinionated news. The fact remains that CV is no hoax, the left did not invent it and those that deny it exist can, well sit back and wait to learn that you are infected with covid-19 . I am not trying to scare you but just to make you aware. Use the information for your own good or ignore it at your own fate the choice is your's.

When the chatter began rolling in about the CV, hoards of the ignorant collective rushed out to buy face masks -- you know, the one's which are designed to curtail the wearer's chances of SPREADING whatever viral goodness they're marinating in, rather than PREVENTING one from acquiring a bug or two.

It's of no surprise to me that the next move for many within this same group, was to stockpile inordinate amounts of toilet paper, knowing their propensity for being entirely full of shit.

This isn't the first time the United States has faced a viral outbreak with global breadth, but it's the first time we've responded this dramatically. The Left loves this because it's something that the cognitively... "naive"... might blame on the President despite the fact that containment of this virus is excellent and that the majority of those who were infected later recovered.

If we want to dabble in serious conspiracy theories, some people seriously suspect that the Chinese government is responsible for the outbreak of the new coronavirus strain within their own borders and that they are using it to adversely influence the global economy in a way that plausibly denies their culpability. Does that crazy idea sound like something consistent with the behavior of Chinese leadership? Well, they forcefully abort children, lock their minorities in concentration camps, harvest the organs of those minorities against their will, laugh at Tibetans self-immolating in protest of how badly life in China sucks, and to top it off, they've been accused of artificially devaluing their currency to ensure that the world stays dependent on their cheaply manufactured goods. And it's almost a non sequitur... but they like to spy on us. A lot. Sometimes with our own phones, which they manufacture...

Call me crazy, but I wouldn't put spreading a virus around their own country past Chinese leadership...

Of course it is one big hoax, what you don't know won't hurt you just carry on like normal. Make sure your will is up to date and you will be fine.

With Covid hitting China and EU as severely as it has, a question popped into my head and I've been unable to find any news providing a hint of an answer. How has North Korea fared with this outbreak?
Knowing how secretive the government is, I'd be surprised if they even admitted it's presence there, yet a major outbreak would be difficult to hide.
Anyone heard anything from RNK?

NK has had a few cases. I hear that were some NK people quarantined that went out in public so they executed them.

China created/fabricated this strain for at least a couple reasons. 1st was to get Chinese protesters calm down and go home. 2nd was pay back for USA/Trump cutting em off.
China claims is was trigger due to their people eating some sort of bat shit soup (BS)!!
Main reason aint nobody heard anything in North Korea is cause they kill their infected.

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