A Taylor Swift Concert is Coming to San Angelo

SAN ANGELO, TX — San Angelo is about to experience a unique Taylor Swift-themed event, albeit with a twist—it incorporates a drag queen version of Taylor Swift. This exciting event is happening despite Pride Month (formerly known as the month of June) being long over. The venue, Koronazz located at 4611 S. Jackson St., has been striving to carve out its niche among San Angelo's live music venues, and it seems like it may have found it by attracting "Swifties." Research indicates that a drag queen version of Taylor Swift could be a perfect fit for the nightclub's targeted demographic. Most "Swifties" are left-leaning Democrats.

The evening's entertainment will begin with a performance by the Dallas-based Taylor Swift tribute band, "Lover Taylor Tribute Band." The tribute band promises to deliver "live renditions of Taylor's greatest hits, from ‘Love Story’ to ‘Shake It Off’ and beyond. You'll feel like you're at one of Taylor's iconic concerts!"

Lover is a passionate rendition of the iconic Eras tour, a Dallas-based Taylor Swift tribute that you don't want to miss!

Following the tribute band, Taylor Summers will take the stage. According to Summers’ Facebook page, she holds titles such as Miss Gay Louisiana Ultimate Star Newcomer 2023 and Miss Gay Ultimate Star Newcomer 2023 1st Alt. Today, Summers dazzles the audience as she performs Taylor Swift songs in drag, bringing the essence of Taylor herself to life with a signature style and mesmerizing stage presence. Koronazz enthusiastically promotes the event on its Eventbrite page, saying, "You won't believe your eyes and ears when the incredible Taylor Summers takes the stage."

Miss Taylor Summers performs Taylor Swift in drag.
Miss Taylor Summers performs Taylor Swift in drag.

In addition to these two performances, attendees can participate in specially-themed games, collect giveaways, and expect "surprises" throughout the night. There will also be a Taylor Swift Photo Booth for capturing those "Instagram Worthy" moments, along with themed drinks inspired by Taylor Swift's top hits. As if that weren't enough, the event will feature a costume contest and the opportunity to exchange friendship bracelets with fellow "Swifties."

It's highly unlikely that Taylor Swift fans will take offense at this unique tribute event. "Swifties," as they are affectionately called, tend to be a diverse group. According to a Morning Consult survey published in March 2023, 53 percent of the country considers themselves fans of Swift, with 16 percent being "avid fans."

Here are some additional statistics from the survey:

  • Gender: 52 percent of Swift fans identify as female, while the rest are male.
  • Age: 45 percent of Swift fans belong to the Millennial generation, born between 1981 and 1996.
  • Favorite Album: Among "avid fans" surveyed, the favorite album is "1989," at 15 percent, with Swift's debut album "Taylor Swift" coming in a close second at 14 percent.
  • Political Affiliation: 55 percent of Swifties are Democrats, 23 percent are Independents, and 23 percent are Republicans.
  • Income: Swifties are generally young and may have limited means, with 49 percent reporting a household income of less than $50,000.

While attending a real Taylor Swift Eras Tour concert can be quite pricey, averaging $1,619 according to US News and World Report, the tickets for Koronazz's "Taylor Night: The Ultimate Taylor Party" are much more budget-friendly at just $15 each. The event is set for Thursday, October 26, and tickets can be purchased in advance on Eventbrite.


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Dear Lake Nasworthy Monster,

Please just start doing wild cryptid stuff out of nowhere. Maybe stand on 2 legs and forage around the Stripes garbage bin just outside of view of the security cameras. (But not completely.) Hope you read online.


The headline "A Taylor Swift Concert Is Coming To San Angelo" is simply a lie.  The event described is not a Taylor Swift concert.  She is not going to be there, people.

A comment imbedded in this piece of trash is, "Most Swifties are left -leaning Democrats".  Joe, what in hell does this have to do with anything when it comes to a concert?  I know you lean right and have tried to cut you some slack in that regard, but that comment was idiotic.  For God's sake, try to act like a journalist and make at least a feeble attempt to describe an event and leave your political foibles out of it.

Dear sweet God, there are times I am glad I prefer living elsewhere even though I know many really good folks inhabit the area.

A rational and objective analysis of the datas presented here would lead one to believe that this event has been conducted for the benefit of young men who wanted to be Taylor Swift when they grew up. Given the various facts, datas, and logics included, I believe this hypothesis checks out.

Does available data, and I request sources therefrom, indicate how many young men want to be Taylor Swift when they grow up?  Does attendance of events such as this indicate anything other than simple amusement or curiosity?

I went to a gay bar once in SanGlo.  I went simply out of curiosity and being secure in my orientation since it was "Drag Night".  I was in a group of three men and three women... all of us straight.

In summary, I emerged from the evening with my sexual orientation intact.  I shot some pool and won a few bucks playing 9- and 8-ball (ball in hand rules), danced a bit with the women in our group, was NOT approached by any of the "regulars" because of the vibes I throw off, and took one of the ladies in our group home for the evening. In short, I survived the evening in all ways intact.

I find your hypothesis weak.

One must pay attention to detail. Else they may end up with a man in bed. I bet you've had that issue before since you're not such a stickler for details.

Expat knew. He went into the bar and came out the same way he went in. He votes Democrat.

Do the math. 

Can't be a detail person when you vote for someone who can't remember the details! Or anything for that matter. We have a stutterer in chief thanks to the blue can voters.

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