Celebrate National Tequila Day Friday


SAN ANGELO, TX – Happy National Tequila Day!

What better way to celebrate national Tequila day by sipping on a Margarita or maybe even a Tequila Sunrise.  

If you don't want or not old enough to taste the sweet agave nectar then celebrate by listening to this hit by "The Champs". 

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Either way there are many places in town to drink Tequila tonight but the following are some great places to get a shot of patron. 

  • Angry Cactus located at 1 W Concho Ave
  • Armenta's Cafe 1325 S Oakes St 
  • Chilis 3950 W Loop 306
  • CIELO Mexican Restaurant 4132 Sunset Dr
  • Concho Pearl Icehouse located at 1605 S Chadbourne St
  • Penny Tap House 2412 College Hills Blvd
  • Franco's Cafe 2218 Martin Luther King Dr
  • Fuzzy's Taco Shop 4333 Sherwood Way
  • Fuentes Downtown Cafe 101 S Chadbourne St
  • Nacho's Restaurant Cantina and Grill 2502 W 306 Loop 
  • The Original Henrys  3015 Sherwood Way
  • Shenanigans Sports Bar located at 3250 Sherwood Way
  • Twin Peaks located at 1601 Knickerbocker Rd
  • Twisted Root located at 333 S Chadbourne St

Remember don't drink and drive. Local law enforcement will catch you and you will end up on the booking report tomorrow. 

Also social distance, wear your mask, and follow the CDC guidelines. 

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... and funnest instrumental songs for summer the summer time, also made popular by the instrumental group ...
" The Ventures " in the early 60's and one of the earliest the learn to play on guitar. It has 4 cords but, you can get by with only three...lol. Lots of fun to play at a party for people to dance to and still maintain social distancing! Even the younger crowd will get into dancing to it ... after they've had enough "TEQUILA"!!

... I found a typo... the word cords that the spellcheck was incorrect... the word is spelled " Chords "! I just wanted to clarify that because... with this crowd of people on the rant page... I have a feeling that someone will eventually point out the spelling and give me a hard time about it! Lots of...
" Sharks " in these waters!

"give me a hard time about it! Lots of...
" Sharks " in these waters!"

I appreciate that, sharks are fairly high up in the food chain, I thank you for acknowledging that you are shark bait, it really entertains me to no end. Sooner or later the bait gets bitten ;) wink wink nudge nudge, if you know what I mean, have a good week.....

... D.A. .... I was referring to the Great White Shark ... D.A. Rita and Kid Someone is just as dumb. Actually... I think you two have the same agenda, to give people on this rant page a hard time and try to piss down our backs and tell us it's raining! I'm done here for now on this article because it a big waste of time ... just like you two are a waste of space!

" D.A. Rita and Kid Someone is just as dumb". It's supposed to be "D.A. Rita and Kid Someone ARE just as dumb" , kind of ironic isn't it, calling someone dumb when you lack the basic concepts of English, oh that must be because you are a Russian. Besides you are the one getting peed on and doing nothing about it, and in fact probably like it, is that your fetish? Getting peed on? It's just odd that you would mention that here.

... their rock ... hehehe?? Did "Someone" disturb him/her/ IT ?? Go back, sit down with your BLM koolaid and crayons and coloring book and hush! Did my comment name anyone in particular? No I didn't Einstein... you were not even mentioned in my comment to Rita so, you just made a total "BLM Fool" of yourself and proved to us all what your agenda is when you get on here! You are pathetic... but like someone else commented ... YOU ... think you know it all. Now ... "Git "!!

Oh no, looks like I really triggered a racist commie! He really has his little feelings hurt bad. Dang you thin skinned red's are so easy to trigger and intimidate. The red's are simultaneously the weakest and the smallest group of people I have ever come across. You didn't comment in the chain by the way, you did it wrong. And where did BLM even come into play here? Are you going more senile there WL? Are you heading in Bidens direction with your mental capacity?

By the way, all of those periods (called ellipsis) after what you have typed means that I at least annoyed you, so I know I got to you,

As of tonight, Chicago finishes off another weekend of gratuitous gun violence for the record books -- without a word from the bowel movement known as BLM, or their incompetent mayor.

Forty five people shot, and 2 dead so far.

Would any Lefties like to cite any murals or looted businesses in honor of these folks? No vigils, no riots?? How about a name or two, to humanize these tragic stats? (Crickets)

Statistics prove that the biggest threat to young Black people, are indeed other Black people, not Trump, not cops.

Z Z, Sun, 07/26/2020 - 20:40

When I first moved to San Angelo , made friends with a guy name Juan.

He handed me a bottle of Hornitos tequila and said drink some. You can hardly even feel it.

I was like, yeh right.

Then he says, here try this habanero pepper. You can hardly even feel it. I was like, yeh right.

Then he says, hey gringo, take a puff on this joint. You can hardly even feel it.

I was like yeah, what did you say

Then I was just wandering around behind the chickens

.... and this "Someone" kid has an agenda to try and start up a BLM movement here on the Rant page! I don't know about anyone else but I'm just going to ignore what he comments unless he tries to Stir things up with me! Whomever he is ... he/she/IT needs to just hang it up and " GIT "!

You can't ignore me, and I won't stop, because you already let me know that I get to you and your small little red feelings, so game on.

..does it remain long enough for anyone to notice it? Apparently not.

In May a group of local "woke" jokes attempted to stage a rally at MLK park, here in San Angelo. The first attempt's greatest highlight was some weird little girl screaming "fuck San Angelo LIVE!!!", the second day, the attendance was a fraction of the first's. Maybe it was the heat, maybe it was an overall lack of interest. Most of the attendees seemed to be more interested in sitting in their lawn chairs and enjoying a day at the park, than lending an ear to a screaming wench airing out her daddy issues.

If there was ever a ''movement'' to be had, MLK park would've been the epicenter to start one, but it's just not happening here, and we're all the better for it.

I must have missed something along the way, last I heard Abbott ordered all bars closed and there was a tizzy by bar owners over the closings. I read now the places where that are serving drinks, are those drinks to go and if so there are open container laws. Did the weak Governor Abbott wuss out again?

Z Z, Mon, 07/27/2020 - 21:27

Warren? How could you forget the most famous tequila song? Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh, DonHenley

It’s Another Tequila Sunrise

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