Midland ISD Moves to Recruit Foreign Workers as Teachers


MIDLAND, TX — In response to a pressing teacher shortage, the Midland ISD school board has opted to engage a contractor to recruit foreign workers as educators to fill vacant teaching positions within the district.

At Tuesday night's regular meeting of the Midland ISD school board, Brandon Reyes, who holds the Orwellian job title of "Chief of Human Capital Management," told the board that even though the district is 95 percent staffed for teacher positions across the district, he wants to send out Requests for Proposal to hire an immigration contractor that can locate foreign nationals willing to move to Midland to teach.

Of course, the majority of the school board fell all over themselves to approve the replacement of U.S. citizens with foreign workers on visas.

“It’s a wonderful solution” because of the inclusion and diversity foreign teachers provide the students, one Midland ISD trustee said. Another used the example of recruiting a French national to teach French in the district.

But we know that a shortage of French language teachers isn’t the problem. Tony Ortiz at Current Revolt, who was tipped off about the Midland ISD foreign teacher scheme, noted that “the open border has created a good number of market distortions and resource misallocations. In response, school districts are getting ‘creative’ by trying more of the same (immigration) as the solution! You may be shocked to learn that it’s cheaper to hire a foreigner on a visa than to hire an American, even for public school teachers.” (source)

Colony Ridge is a massive immigrant housing development in Liberty County, a formerly sleepy rural county north of Houston. The development has strained the school district there with new non-English-speaking pupils. But Colony Ridge may be the only rural, if formerly rural, school district that is growing rapidly. Cleveland ISD, which serves the Colony Ridge development, grew from 3,000 students in 2013 to over 10,000 students this year, according to Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. [source] Midland ISD's student enrollment was 26,432 during the 2019-2020 school year. It grew modestly to 28,649 pupils in the 2023-2024 school year. [source]

Midland ISD Trustee Brandon Hodges wasn't buying that there was a crisis of a shortage of French nationals as French language teachers. He hinted at the shortage of bilingual teachers to tackle a growing number of Spanish-speaking students. But no one wanted to say that out loud.

Reyes couched the need for foreign nationals to teach special education, math, science, and (what he really needs) bilingual teachers.

Trustee Hodges asked questions about the incentives to the district to hire foreign workers over U.S. citizens because of the cost savings. He also noted that the biggest barrier to teacher recruitment was the district’s student discipline challenges. He asked aloud if the visa program would paper over these discipline issues without real solutions otherwise.

The cost savings of hiring foreign workers as teachers were exposed at the meeting. Reyes noted that the district would not be required to contribute to the employer's portion of FICA taxes, for example. That is an immediate savings of 7.65% of that worker's pay.

The Department for Professional Employees, a part of the AFL-CIO, which is a traditional Democrat-controlled union, noted that significant abuses to workers occur under the U.S. State Department's J-1 Exchange Visitor Teacher Program, which Midland ISD will operate its foreign worker teacher program under. Of course, the AFL-CIO is incentivized to demote foreign worker visa programs in favor of protecting U.S. citizen jobs. However, these abuses were not discussed at the school board meeting.

The AFL-CIO noted that the J-1 teacher visa work program is managed by the State Department and unregulated by the Department of Labor. It claimed that many of the foreign workers participating are charged as much as $15,000 each by placement companies as "recruitment fees." [source]

This begs the question. Since Midland ISD initially said it will hire 40 foreign workers who will pay a staffing agency thousands of dollars to place them, and Midland ISD will pay a staffing agency to hire them, are teaching jobs with excellent benefits really that unwanted by U.S. citizens? And, is paying tens of thousands to recruit each foreign teacher a misallocation of resources?

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Just another example of the decay of public education and the English language.

Nothing happening here move along you sheople.

Maybe if you paid teachers a living wage and didnt force them to spend their own money on supplies this wouldn't be an issue.

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CGM5, Fri, 04/19/2024 - 07:24

Yes, the Republicans do run Texas thank goodness. What's sad is, so many democrats are moving here after they have ruined and crapped all over their own home states and now they aren't decent to live in. So now instead of having the brains to learn from their mistakes they want to come here and repeat what they are good at. 

Is commenter "TrumpHasFelonies" friend or foe? It's like he's trying to sell Trump's appeal to potential Democrat voters and remind everyone that the Republicans are keeping us safe.

Trump, as a patriotic, freedom fighter standing up against the establisment, has incurred their wrath as many activists for liberty have done in the past. With him taking all the flak, we have to have solidarity in standing behind the party he's chosen, that represents the still nominally free American people and not the imperial tyrants a world away in DC.

Whoever this critter is, the varmint has good points.

CGM5, Fri, 04/19/2024 - 16:03

Perhaps he is a friendly foe which keeps me from trusting anything he has to say. ;) 

Pretty sure THF has undeniable "greatest ally" vibes, and if you get a mortgage and take out some loans and give him all your money and unwavering support, something magical will happen. (He's the distant relative of a superhero — or villain, depending on who you ask.)

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