Elementary Special Ed Class Quarantined Following COVID-19 Outbreak


ABILENE, TX – The Abilene Independent School District announced Tuesday another classroom has been quarantined due to a coronavirus outbreak. 

According to KTXS, on September 22, the principal at Bassetti Elementary confirmed that the special education classroom was exposed to COVID-19. 

Two staff members tested positive for the virus and one had symptoms. As a precaution the students will be learning from home until October 5.

This is the second classroom at an AISD elementary school that had to be quarantined. For more on the first click here: An Entire Third Grade Class Quarantined Following COVID-19 Outbreak

AISD currently has 22 active cases of COVID-19. 



Two adults couldn't follow the rules and an entire class of small children with disabilities can't see their friends or have a regular education. Also, don't forget the stress that this causes children; they have to take time off from work if they have it or they have to find someone willing to take a risk to stay with their child. What a clusterfk.

Perhaps, Liz, a Leftist nanny state should give the parents a spanking for being naughty? No need now. The entire class is doomed to expire from the plague - the lethality of which is the actual reason for these restrictions... right?

I meant to say the stress this causes parents of these children. Sorry!

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