HSU Student No Longer Enrolled After Controversial Tok Tok


ABILENE, TX – After a Hardin Simmons student was under fire for a “deeply disappointing” Tik Tok video, the university has announced she is no longer enrolled in the university. To see the controversial video clink the following link: University Responds After Student Posts Racial Tik Tok Video

According to KTXS, on Wednesday university officials stated “the message shared by this student is not reflective of the Christian values of our institution.” They also stated they were “actively investigating and taking decisive action.”

No details were released regarding the disciplinary actions regarding the student, but she will no longer attend Hardin Simmons. The school explained it received complaints from multiple students indicating the former’s student message was not “reflective of HSU.”

“As citizens, we have certain rights of freedom of speech in public forums, “said  Dr, Eric Bruntmyer, University President. "However, within the HSU community, that right is always linked with our responsibility as Christians, as well as inherent responsibility for the consequences of our words and our actions.”

"At Hardin-Simmons, we believe and practice unity through loving our neighbor as ourselves and treating all people equally with profound respect," Bruntmyer said. "Hate speech or racist comments by anyone are completely unacceptable and we do not want to condone behavior that questions people’s worth, their value, their dignity, or their equality."

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$10 someone mentions that slavery is in the Bible.

Can't wait for the snowflakes to start losing their shyt.

The whiney "you'd betters" vs. the sanctimonious "thou shalts".

Get out the popcorn, this is going to be a good one.

HSU silences free speech. Student was simply expressing what she observed to be an inconsistency in reactions to violence against different groups of people. Fail to see how a Biblical principle was violated. And there are not "certain rights" of freedom of speech. You have freedom of speech or you don't. HSU is saying that you don't at least on their campus. So stop the double-speak. The student is a victim of the larger totalitarian mindset that is dominating social media and news media and seeks to silence views that don't agree with its own. Too bad HSU chooses to give in to this evil rather than stand up and fight against it.

It kind of does, especially when it comes to attempting to pursue (or create via precedent) legal consequences for those you disagree with.

Obviously, the illegal "consequences" that Leftists have exacted on their foes in the form of violence and harassment lately are just that - illegal.

Nothing, however, can grant you certainty in this life, and making threats and acting illegally is a good way to get yourself "consequences" of your own - legal and otherwise.

I believe Mr. Logan's statement alludes to your second example of "consequences", Rita.

While his statement on face value it a fact, it's more often expressed as a one-sided declaration made by those who have raging hard-ons for stifling the voices of those of differing opinions or political leanings. The concept of "Legal consequences" rarely cross the minds of these types, whether they be the consideration of any plausible lawful means of achieving their mission, or the repercussions they may encounter as a result of acting like feral animals.

"Other people" have consequences -- they have "rights"!

Legal stuff takes time , it involves paperwork, big words and rudimentary communication skills. It's easier to revert to the *"2 minute hate" method when the master's crack the whip or destroy property to express one's angst...or shortcomings -- possibly both.


Fun fact: I have over 65,000 followers, over 1,600,000 likes, and over 500,000 views each month on TikTok.

Bragging about followers, likes, views as if that's going to push your resume to the top of the list. Perhaps factual, certainly not fun. Social media is not necessarily the cause, but surely a catalyst to most of what ails this world. Too much information shared globally instantaneously is a new thing that we as a species haven't learned to deal with properly.
I dabbled in social media, realized what utter BS 95% of it was, and I am fully capable of living without any of it.

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