This Mysterious Sighting of 7 UFOs Near San Angelo Was Never Solved


SAN ANGELO, TX — An aircrew flying an RB-36 reconnaissance aircraft spotted seven strange “donut”-shaped objects at dusk south of San Angelo. The crew took pictures and filed an incident report.

That report can be found in the national archives. It is about a UFO sighting on a May 1952 flying mission from Kelly Field in San Antonio towards the west.

According to the report, as the crew flew just northwest of Sonora, a series of seven “donuts” appeared in the sky.

The RB-36, a variant of the B-36 strategic bomber named “The Peacemaker,” had an operational crew of 22, according to reports at the time.

The report states the bomber was headed on a 301-degree heading at 18,000 feet, cruising at 189 knots indicated air speed (KIAS). The winds aloft were relatively calm for that altitude at 35 knots in the face. At 8:05 p.m., on May 19, 1952, the objects appeared just to the left of the bomber’s nose at a range estimated by the crew to be 50 to 75 miles ahead. The objects were stacked vertically from approximately 25,000 feet to 60,000 feet.

The drawing by a crewmember of the RB-36 of the strange UFOs they observed in May 1952. (National Archives)
Above: The drawing by a crewmember of the RB-36 of the strange UFOs they observed in May 1952 that was included in the crew's report. (National Archives)

Individual crewmembers recorded their observations. According to the marked aeronautical charts enclosed in the report, the mysterious objects could be seen from the plane by the crew as they flew from just northwest of Sonora to almost Big Lake.

“…I observed seven unidentified glowing objects ahead, on course. We continued on course and approached them for about an hour. On closer observation they appeared to me to be vapor trails, the highest at approximately 40,000 feet spaced down at 1,000-foot intervals as sketched,” wrote one of the crew. The names of the crewmembers are redacted in the report.

A terrible copy of the photograph contained in the National Archives. In the center, you can see a hand-drawn arrow pointing towards the 7 unidentified objects observed from the RB-36 crew. (National Archives)

Above: A terrible copy of the photograph contained in the National Archives. In the center, you can see a hand-drawn arrow pointing towards the 7 unidentified objects observed by the RB-36 crew. (National Archives)

The U.S. Air Force investigated the sighting and placed the report into their most common category of “possibly a balloon.” According to NASA scientist Dr. Richard F. Haines, in an undated article about the incident, “the U.S. Weather Bureau launched both pilot and rawin balloons from the Midland, Texas airport during the summer of 1952.” The scientist did not conclude the sightings were connected to balloon activity from Midland.

The Convair RB-36D is the jet-augmented version of the intercontinental strategic bomber. The aircraft has four General Electric J-47 jet engines, mounted in pairs under outer wing edges, that supplement six Pratt & Whitney piston engines.

The RB-36 was a slightly modified version of the bomber, the B-36, so it could carry cameras and extra fuel in its bomb bays instead of bombs.

WATCH A Wright-Patterson Air Force Base's Air Force Museum video describes the B-36:

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At the time, RB-36s provided long-range strategic reconnaissance for Strategic Air Command, or SAC. They were intended to fly over the Soviet Union, and some missions did, to include missions assigned to the squadron that this crew was given. As Soviet air defenses improved, the service ceiling of the bomber was not high enough to avoid detection.

All of the B-36s were retired by 1959 as the newer B-52s replaced them.

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Sawyer, Wed, 11/08/2017 - 00:09

Good to see this report - I joined up with those who became known as Ti and Do, two people from Texas named, Bonnie Lu Truesdale Nettles and Marshall Herf Applewhite in 1975 when they first started giving public meetings when I was living in Waldport, Oregon. They were called by the press, The UFO Two but said their Souls had come from outer space (the literal heavens), to bring updates to the bible and to fulfill prophecy. They first awakened in Boerne, Texas and went in search of what prophecy they were to fulfill. After being in their "cult" for 19 years I left in 1994 and DO and his remaining 38 students became known as the Heaven's Gate cult. They said they were the "cult of cults" and the "cult of truth". The realized that the Revelation chapter 11 Two Witnesses was referring to their task though they didn't teach from the Bible, though knew the Bible held the records of previous relations between what to them was more accurately The Physical Evolutionary Kingdom Level Above Human where members had non-human physical bodies they "wore" and traveled in spacecrafts (ufo's - cloud of light, etc. in Bible accounts). After I left and they did and after 9/11 I began to reawaken, a long story and felt compelled to write so began to study Bible prophecy and wrote a book I named, "TI and DO The Father and "Jesus" Heaven's Gate UFO Two Witnesses" where I document in great detail what I believe is the most accurate translation and interpretation of all Jesus' prophecy to include the Book of Revelation. I give my book away for free. It's very large but it packed with my experiences with Ti and Do and there is a great amount of media starting up again in this time period I believe I can evidence as the time of the opening of the 4th seal - the "green horse". If anyone is curious about any of this write to me on my email [email protected] or go to my facebook page: sawyer.heavensgate or my blog at: or youtube/3spm . In my book I show why I believe the 1940's to 1950's were both the time when They - These TWO and their returning "saints" Souls came to earth to take over human vehicles to finish their overcoming task to graduate into the Kingdom in the heavens. This is also when the key to the bottomless pit was opened - the 5th angels sounding.

I suspect these sightings might be Next Level doings but I could be wrong but the first ufo crashes were the Next Level as the way many of the crew of returnee Souls came back and sacrificed the vehicles they were awarded to wear from giving their lives in service to Jesus' teachings. Other crashes were staged to be seen as a facsimile instigated by the Luciferian space alien fallen angels who are provided to us by the Next Level to help us build strength of mind towards our graduation from the human evolutionary kingdom, accomplished under the direction of the incarnate (once again) Older Member (s) - Ti and Do, by giving our will to them and learning how not to succumb to their influence on our lives through what had become normal human behavior and ways.

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