San Angelo Police Department Extends No Shave November to December


Last month, men across the nation stopped shaving in honor of No Shave November, a concept meant to grow awareness about testicular cancer. The goal is for men to embrace their hair, which many cancer patients lose, and to raise funds for education and cancer prevention donations.

Approximately 50 San Angelo Police officers embraced their hair and had nice long, and some wild, beards after participating in No Shave. They also raised just under $3,100, said Sgt. Cade Solsbery, public information officer for SAPD.

“That [amount] includes all of the officers who participated, plus a few citizens went in and made donations as well,” Sgt. Solsbery said.

Although the amount raised in November exceeded the target amount of $2,500 SAPD set, Chief Tim Vasquez decided to extend No Shave for another month to raise additional funds, Solsbery stated. Any officer who wanted to continue through November donated an additional $50.

“Some [officers] are continuing on in the month of December, and some are not,” Solsbery noted. However, about half of the officers who participated continued on.

As of today, SAPD has raised an additional $250 for a total of $3,350.

“All donations from the Beard Patrol will go directly to the mission of the TCF to provide awareness, education and support about testicular cancer,” said SAPD’s Fundraising Page.


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