Murdered Toddler's Grave Desecrated by Family Foes

SAN ANGELO, TX – The family of a slain San Angelo girl is facing more agony as two individuals desecrated the girl's grave.

As San Angelo LIVE! previously reported, on Sep. 2, 2014, five-year-old Naiya Bermea Villegas of San Angelo was murdered by her mother's boyfriend, Isidro Delacruz. For the original story see: How Delacruz was Found Guilty of Capital Murder

Delacruz was sentenced to death by a Tom Green County jury in 2018 and is still on death row. Villegas' family does not have to worry about Delacruz but over the past few weeks they have had other issues. 

According to an individual close with the family, two men have desecrated Villegas' grave. In photos obtained by SA LIVE! photos show two men urinating, stealing, and taking photos with the grave. The following are those photos:

The two allegedly desecrated the grave after having an argument with Villegas' brother Andrew Bermea. Along with urinating, the two stole multiple 'My Little Pony' dolls that Villegas loved.

The issue has been reported to the Lawnhaven Cemetery. 

San Angelo LIVE! has reached out to the San Angelo Police Department. They confirmed that the incident was documented and being investigated. 

According to the Texas penal code, the urination/vandalism to a gravesite is listed as a Class A Misdemeanor under 42.08 Abuse of Corpse, Section A: Subsection (5). It states that it is a Class A Misdemeanor if a person vandalizes, damages, or treats in an offensive manner the space in which a human corpse has been interred or otherwise permanently laid to rest. The items stolen from the gravesite is showing to be a State Jail Felony under 31.03 Theft Section E: Subsection 4-B. It stated that regardless of the value, the offense is a state jail felony if the property is stolen from the person of another or from a human corpse or grave.  


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Absolute total agreement.  These creatures are soulless, heartless, mindless walking puke.  I can't even say I consider them to be human.

He didn't say they were friends, but rather he just knows them.  I know people I think are pure dirtbags and are definitely not my friends.  And, of course, the "Republican" thing is without any value whatsoever.  I doubt these perps know left from right, red from blue, Republican from Democrat, or anything else worthwhile.  I just think they're morons.

CGM5, Thu, 05/11/2023 - 18:38

Thankyou, I'm very well aware of what he said and meant. However, I already regret my retort because of the subject of the story. This is no place to bring up politics. To any family or friends, I am truly sorry for my part in the above remarks.

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