4 Stabbed in Seemingly Random Attack at Cinco De Mayo Party


ABILENE, TX – An Abilene teen was arrested on Saturday night after police say he stabbed four random people at the St. Vincent Pallotti Catholic Church. 

According to the Abilene Police Department, on Apr. 30, 2022, at around 9 p.m., officers with the APD responded to a call of multiple victims suffering from stab wounds in north Abilene. 

The initial reports indicated that a 19-year-old male stabbed multiple people at a Cinco de Mayo gathering on the grounds of St. Vincent Pallotti Catholic Church located at 2525 Westview Drive.  

Officers responded to the scene and contacted off-duty Taylor County Deputies, who were working security at the event. The Deputies had taken the 19-year-old into custody after several citizens were involved in a struggle while restraining him.

It was determined one of the citizens sustained minor cuts and did not require transport to the hospital.
One victim was transported by ambulance and two others by private automobile to Hendrick Medical Center, for treatment of injuries. Two victims will be treated and released.

A third victim will be kept overnight for observation for more serious injuries. A fourth victim was discovered to have been punched by the suspect. He did not require medical attention.

The attacks appear to be random and the victims did not know the suspect.

The suspect, who appeared to be under the influence, was also taken to the hospital for observation. Upon release, he faces five counts of aggravated assault. 

“The Department is appreciative for the assistance from citizens who risked their lives to restrain this suspect,” stated Chief Marcus Dudley. “We are thankful for the Taylor County Sheriff’s Deputies who were on the scene and immediately handcuffed the assailant. Attacks that are random are senseless; but fortunately, the perpetrator is in custody.”

The investigation is ongoing and anyone with any information on this incident may call our Major Investigation, (325) 676-6610.

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Sorry, Cajun, but I find your "Cinco De Stabbo" comment about as amusing as the tale of the animal John Custer, who was recently busted for "...  continuous sexual abuse of a child under the age of 14."

Neither story is one damn bit funny.  Had someone died as a result of the stabbings in Abilene would it still have been funny to you?

It's a play on words, not a commentary about the seriousness of the crime. Your sentiment concerning my comment is the reason why comedy may be on the road to extinction. Ask Chris Rock what he thinks about the future of stand-up comedy and free speech.

I understand, but the way things are going nowadays I find myself ever less easily amused. I once had a vibrant sense of humor, but it is being eroded.

I don't think you're a bad guy.  Peace.


Cajun, Ignore that idiot, he gets off playing like he's the SA Live blog police busting anyone's chops for writing something the way he disagrees with it being written or worded... Him's just DUM !!!

I use dark humor all the time to mask my childhood trauma and to deal with the incessant pain of navigating this twisted thing we call life.

America is a free country. Thankfully we are able to think and say what we feel. If people are offended.... oh well it's a FREE country. Personally I thought it was a knee slapper, but hey you do you because it's a free country right..

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