Armed Illegal Aliens Caught Trying to Sneak Across the Border


EDINBURG, TX – Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol agents disrupted three human smuggling attempts last week that led to arrest of 20 individuals.

On Dec. 28, McAllen Border Patrol Station (MCS) agents observed multiple people emerge from a nearby field near the Rio Grande and run towards an awaiting Dodge Durango. As agents approached the vehicle, the suspected illegal immigrants quickly exited the vehicle and ran back into the field as the driver sped off. Agents searched the area and apprehended nine subjects who were illegally present in the United States. The driver and a passenger were later arrested by Border Patrol.

After interviewing the driver and passenger, agents determined they were both nationals from Mexico illegally present in the country. They were placed under arrest.

Jan. 2, agents working at the Falfurrias Border Patrol Checkpoint referred a vehicle to the secondary inspection area for further inspection. During questioning, agents determined one of the passengers was illegally present in the United States. All subjects were placed under arrest and escorted into the checkpoint for processing.

During a search of the vehicle, agents found a Taurus .38 revolver located in the center console.

That night, MCS agents responded to illegal activity within a storm drain located in Hidalgo, Texas. MCS agents and Hidalgo Police Department officers set up a perimeter and apprehended six illegal aliens that exited the storm drain. The subjects are citizens of Honduras and El Salvador.

All subjects are being processed accordingly.

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Probable cause right there to machine gun every last one of them down and then leave notes on them stating this is what happens to terrorists entering the US illegally and signed, "with love, from the Biden criminal administration" !!!!

I just don't understand why these aliens are trying to sneak across the border when all they need to do is fly across in their spaceships.

ME Someone, Tue, 01/04/2022 - 11:29

Space fuel has gotten too expensive because of space Biden.

CGM5, Tue, 01/04/2022 - 16:29

biden has caused this historic surge in illegal aliens. He started even before he was elected during his campaign speeches, then he removed the stay in Mexico agreement, they were told they could get healthcare, amnesty has been hinted at by this administration, all construction on the wall was halted, for months the biden administration refused to admit there was even any problem at the border let alone a crisis. There are other things but, I'm not writing a book. biden worshipers can twist or lie about this like always but, people know the truth. 

ME Someone, Tue, 01/04/2022 - 16:56

Biden only told people seeking asylum to come over. Asylum is legal immigration.

The remain in Mexico agreement has been reinstated, which is also for legal immigration, so irrelevant here.

  They were never promised healthcare, in fact Texas had to sue the US government to get them to pay for their stays in Texas hospitals because the Biden administration refused to pay for immigrants hospital bills.

The wall has been proven not to work, a vast majority of immigrants and drugs come through legal ports of entry anyway.

Biden acknowledged an issue with the border in the beginning of march 2021, which was 6 weeks into his presidency, not "months"

CGM5, Tue, 01/04/2022 - 17:14

Like I said, you can twist this anyway you want but, people know the truth.

ME Someone, Tue, 01/04/2022 - 17:46

I didn't twist anything, I provided evidence that directly contradicted your assertions, you just can't handle being proven wrong and only believe what the people at newsmax and foxnews tell you to believe. 

Why don't you provide evidence of your position? Or can you not do so because you are just making things up? The border patrol itself says this started under trump in September of 2020. Not to mention the massive surge trump had in 2019 (which prove his policies don't work) that you always fail to mention. 

It's not as if illegal immigration just started being a problem when Biden became president, it has been this way for decades. I am also not saying it isn't a problem, it is. It just isn't one person causing it like you are told to believe it is.

That’s a long one. I don’t watch/read either of those tbh. I’m not saying he’s the only cause ever for all immigration, I doubt think anyone thinks that. But he definitely campaigned on mass immigration and encouraged people to “surge” the border. 

ME Someone, Tue, 01/04/2022 - 18:19

Only people seeking asylum, which is legal immigration, listen for yourself,

Do you have any proof that Biden "campaigned on mass immigration?"

Truth is that Biden is using all the same major immigration policies that Trump was, the only major policy he ended was the wall, which has proven ineffective anyway. Most of the executive orders he signed early into his presidency were to reimplement policies trump ended.

If you, or anyone else, has any links that I can read (or watch) that tells a different story then I would love to take a look. But nobody here ever provides evidence of what they say.

CGM5, Tue, 01/04/2022 - 18:45

We weren't told to believe anything. The sources are too many to list. To save time just search (Did biden cause the border surge) The answer is a big YES and the sources are CNN, NBC, The NY Post, The NY Times, The Chicago Tribune, ABC News, The BBC just to name some of them. In the past most of these sources have been democrat friendly. However I didn't see Fox News listed anywhere close to the top but there was over 4 million hits. Maybe it was there somewhere.

You also keep pointing out it started in Sept. of 2020. What time of year do you think biden's campaign was going on, in late December maybe? I usually don't bother trying to prove anything to you because you don't want the truth but, only what your liberal sites tell YOU to believe.

Something you keep stating is (it's not illegal if they are seeking asylum). Let me ask a question, If 100 people were told a man across the street would hand you a thousand dollars if you walked up to him and said you were hungry, how many of the 100 hungry or not, would go tell him they are hungry?

ME Someone, Tue, 01/04/2022 - 18:47

"The sources are too many to list."

Ok, just list a few then.


CGM5, Tue, 01/04/2022 - 18:59

I just told you how to go directly to over 4 million of them. Is that not enough?

Like I said above, you don't want to know the truth. I'm done here so now you can spend the rest of the night twisting the truth and making up lies.

ME Someone, Tue, 01/04/2022 - 19:08

SO you have nothing then? Figures. I give you plenty of chances to prove yourself and you always refuse to do so. Why? Because you have nothing to back up what you are saying.

"I'm done here so now you can spend the rest of the night twisting the truth and making up lies."

Unlike you, I actually provided evidence for my positions, you did not. That is why you are walking away from an argument you lost, because you have nothing.

MeMe is what’s known as a “true believer”. Still defending Biden’s record on immigration…regardless  of the fact that the RCP average of all polls has him at 34.7% approval lol.

ME Someone, Wed, 01/05/2022 - 15:51

As always, I am not "defending" anything, I am correcting misinformation regarding when and how the surge started.


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