Disturbed Socialite Found Guilty of Crimes Against Children


NEW YORK — Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted Wednesday afternoon of luring teenage girls to be sexually abused by the American millionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

According to reports, jurors deliberated for five full days before finding Maxwell guilty of five of six counts. With the maximum prison terms for each charge ranging from five to 40 years in prison, Maxwell faces the likelihood of years behind bars — an outcome long sought by women who spent years fighting in civil courts to hold her accountable for her role in recruiting and grooming Epstein’s teenage victims and sometimes joining in the sexual abuse.

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I love how obvious Mrs. Knauss is coked up in this picture.

I expect you guys to provide pictures of other politicians (D or R) with these people, it will prove my point, so please post them!

What would you know about being “coked up” apparently you have some experience with that ;)

EXCELLENT !!!!! Now when will the announcements of the arrests and life sentences come down for Obama, Hillary, Bill and about 75 other of the other criminal Dum-Ocrats ? ? ?

Hmmm interesting. From what I understand, Biden likes them MUCH younger than 17 ;)

Yeah. Biden’s own daughter wrote in her diary about “inappropriate showers” with her dad when she was like 4 years old. Then there was that time in a press conference when he told a 12 year old girl how “grown up” she looked with her legs crossed like a lady ;)

Got any proof of the shower thing? No? Thought so.

You republicans are obsessed with stories about little girls.

WAY better than trump, by a mile, still a career politician that I hardly agree on everything with, but at least he isn't tanking the economy and ruining relations with other nations amid trying to turn himself into a dictator while praising kim jong un and putin, among many many other things. It's almost as if we should stop electing old men with interests other than our own to be president.






More leftist propaganda. Prior to covid our economy was BOOMING, with historically low unemployment especially among women and minorities ;)

Wait, so when I say the current inflation and supply issues are because of covid it's not true because biden, but when you blame the recession under trump in 2020 on covid it's true?

C'mon, you cannot have it both ways.

Oh sorry. Can you even refer to people as “women” any more I don’t want to offend you demo libs’ fragile sensibilities lol.

What are you talking about? It's like you make up things for people you don't like to be angry about.

You’re right I don’t like you. Newsflash…no one else does either because you’re an annoying, obnoxious troll Merry Christmas ;)

I know, you republicans are full of hate and animosity toward your fellow Americans.

Also, more poor attempts at insults, is that all you really have?

Covid huh? Didn’t Biden promise to “shut down the virus” how’s that going btw more people have died from covid under Biden than under Trump.

Oh that’s right, Biden coming out now and saying no one saw the omicron variant coming and that there’s no “federal solution”. Isn’t that what Trump said all along?


You are thinking of all the times trump said it was going away,


You are going to have to provide evidence that biden said "no one saw the omicron variant coming", I can't find anything that says he said that.

Gotta love the people that refuse to get vaccinated and refuse to wear a mask asking why the pandemic isn't over yet and why more people are dying. Can't "shut down" a virus that people refuse to take proper precautions against.

Kamala? Yeah, see, you have to wonder how many other things you have been wrong about. Great example of why you should provide evidence of your position. Glad you admitted you were wrong, I commend you for that. Now we need to work on you providing proof of what you say. You obviously just looked it up, all you have to do is link it here for us to look at.

Oh I am fully aware of your "nicknames"

The interesting part is that you have to deal with her if republicans actually manage to revenge impeach biden if/when they win congress next year. 

No need to impeach Biden he’s done. In fact, I think it’s more likely he’ll resign before his term is up ;)

China virus variant 3.0 has begun to distract from exposing Clintons and the rest of their child perv buddies.

Did you happen to se the picture at the very top of this comment thread that I posted? Trump is right in there with them.

I want to know why it is you get to post pictures, but I don't? SAL won't even post my comments half the time.  So much for free speech for someone that has something to say that goes against the grain of the Republican/Democrat narrative.

They aren't really preventing you from posting. 

New accounts are in a "hidden" probation period where the posts they make have to be approved by a sit moderator, so there is some "lag" between the time you push save and the time it shows up in the comment section. After a certain time and/or a certain number of posts you will be able to post in "real time", although they have timers so you can't post back-to-back in quick succession, but those timers pop up and tell you when they are active when you push the save button.

You never explained why you said Melania was “obvious coked up” were you there?

What’s “obvious” is you know from experience…like I said explains a lot ;)

I am just guessing cocaine, but you are right it could be any number of drugs. Just look at her and tell me she isn't on something.

I guess in her defense she could have just had more plastic surgery to look like she does.

Joe Biden doesn't own an island. I can't find anything about him owning an island. He is also not on your "flight list" in the above comment.

"some British tart"

Dang, if you aren't trying to make poor attempts at insults you go straight to misogyny.

Don’t worry no one will ever confuse you with a “tart”.

A prune maybe lol.

The only thing that matters is ending human trafficking and child sex slavery.  The truth about all of this is out there to be found, but people must unite instead of worrying so much about political view points and party lines. It's all a distraction from what's really going on behind the scenes. They're all sick and they're all evil. #SAVETHECHILDREN

Geez... another sophomoric exchange. Hey guys, MeMe trolls this site and posts inflammatory statements hoping someone will offer a retort. I used to fall for his infantile goading, but I have since seen his true motive, attention. If you really want to get his goat, let him spew his vitriolic  diatribe without any response whatsoever, leaving him with only himself to argue with, and what fun would that be?

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