San Angelo ISD Teacher Assaults Student with Scissors


SAN ANGELO, TX – A San Angelo ISD Middle School Student was allegedly assaulted by one of his teachers Tuesday afternoon after he refused to move his hair out of his face.

According to a police report, on Tuesday, Feb. 23, a middle schooler's parent received a call from an SAISD principal regarding an incident that occurred at school that day involving their child. When the parents arrived they discovered their child had gotten a new hair cut against his will.

"I feel like he was traumatized," said the father of the student. "I'm worried about his education because he is embarrassed and doesn't want to go back to class."

The parents quickly learned that the incident wasn't the usual incident between students. Instead this was between a teacher and a student.

"We were having a classroom discussion and the teacher told me to get the hair out of my face or she would cut it" said the student. "One kid offered her $27 so she went grabbed her scissors and cut my hair."

The mother immediately took the child to get his hair fixed. "I know it's just hair but it's his hair." said the boys father.

Teacher Cuts Student's Hair for $27 Bet

Teacher Cuts Student's Hair for $27 Bet (LIVE! Photo/Contributed: Student's Family)

In the police report the officers told the father to talk to the school regarding punishment of the student. The father then spoke with Assistant Superintendent Wes Underwood who told him the school was going to take care of the issue but the student should attend classes online until the issue is resolved.

San Angelo LIVE! reached out to San Angelo ISD. Here is their statement:

"Personnel matters are confidential in nature and San Angelo ISD cannot disclose details regarding the situation at (the middle school). The district has in place and follows its policies regarding employees, and takes immediate action as appropriate."

The family says they are still undecided on wether or not they will attempt to file a law suit against SAISD. Either way he says that he wants word to get out so that this doesn't happen again.

"To pick up a pair of scissors and to walk up to my sons head," said the father. "What if he were to bat her hand and he got stabbed or she got stabbed?"

The police report finishes by stating the teacher intentionally and knowingly caused physical contact with another when she knows or should reasonably believe that the other will regard the contact as offensive or provocative.

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Give me a break, a lawsuit ? Really ? ? ? .... I place the blame solidly on SAISD for not having and enforcing a strict dress and personal grooming policy. That teacher was doing her job just trying to teach. I can imagine how an unsightly and disgusting appearance could affect the morale in a classroom if someone doesn't care anymore about their appearance than to look shabby.......

Teachers have no right under any circumstances unless they are in danger and need to protect themselves. Other than that, they do not pay that child's bills and only have them for the time for which they are being paid for! Somedays, your JOB isn't easy, get out of that line of work if you are so stressed!!! His hair is of no concern of hers, if he is being disruptive, then deal with that, but the teacher had no right touching someone else's child, SEND HIM HOME IF HE IS CAUSING PROBLEMS!!! HAIR IS NOT A PROBLEM UNLESS HE WAS PLAYING IN IT.  You must be a real joy to be around with your uncontrolled, control issues! Send a check if you are so worried!


Jeff L, Thu, 02/25/2021 - 06:44

Finally a teacher with a spine. You could have just sent the little twirp home but instead you've actually taught him a lesson. Respect your teachers and the RULES. Disobeying them only gets you punished. The parents should also receive some scolding for letting their little punk go to school looking like that. Back in the day they would have spanked his spoiled bottom WITHOUT a phone call.

Becareful putting your hands on other people's children, I would do time for mine.  You don't know whether that teacher is a bully or not.  You do not foot any part of the bills for that child (key word child). If the child needed to be disiplined, then send him home, but unless your life is in danger, do not touch someone else's child, I don't care how stressed you are.  Call the principle, that's what he is for!!! You OLD half dead men, get on my nerves, the country is in an uproar because of you and your out dated beliefs.  The teacher needs to learn to do a better job, controlling their class or get out of the business. You never put your hands on someone else's child. Keep sending them home, eventually the parents will get tired and handle their child, but in the mean time, they are being PAID to do a professional job dealing with kids. Get over you!

Teacher assaults a student,

The bad people above: ThEy ShoUlD HaVe BeaT hIm InStEaD, DuRrR

That kid should get PAID, and it should come out of the teachers pension, that is who should REALLY be taught a lesson. Hurting others is not a lesson, it is one step away from being nazi's. But I'm guessing that the other people responding here are part of the republican terrorist cult, so no surprise at all from those types.

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