Fugitive Wanted After One Woman Found Dead and Another Chained to a Bed


CLEVELAND, TX – Texas authorities are searching for a man accused of sexually assaulting two woman, shooting both of them, and possibly killing one. 

According to CBS7, on September 19, Deputies with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to an unknown 9-1-1 call at a home in Liberty County. When they arrived they found a woman who was chained to a bed. 

Across the street deputies found a car that had caught on fire after crashing into a tree. Inside of the car was a dead female with a gunshot wound. 

After speaking to the woman who was chained up, deputies learned that the two women worked for the homeowner, Jose Marin Soriano, 59, as house cleaners. The two women originally went to his home that day after hearing that Soriano was spreading around lewd images of one of the women. 

When confronted Soriano pulled a gun on them. One of the women was able to flee but the other was chained to the bed and sexually assaulted. The fleeing woman got into her vehicle and crashed. When Soriano chased the fleeing woman, he left his cell phone. This gave the girl who was chained to the bed a chance to call for help. 

Soriano fled the scene and has not been seen since. If you have any information contact police immediately. 

Soriano fled the scene in a gray Ford truck and is expected to be armed and dangerous. 


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