Fugitive on the Run After Police Say He Abused a Corpse


ABILENE, TX – The Abilene Police Department is currently searching for a man accused of abusing a corpse. 

According to KTXS, on September 9, Kody Douglas Taylor, 41, is wanted for abusing the corpse of Mindy Hagan. 

The charge comes after Hagan's body was found at her home on August 25. Police determined that her home was not the original spot she had died but instead at a trailer house on Coachlight Road.

An indictment by the Taylor County Grand Jury claims that the night prior to her death she had been at the trailer with Taylor and 22-year-old Jackie Ray Shanz Jr. 

The two told police that she had fallen asleep in her car and they found her the next morning. Instead of calling the police the two drove the body back to her home, carried her inside, and placed her on the couch. 

Shanz Jr. has turned himself into the Taylor County Jail on Monday and was released on $7,500 bond. 

Police are still searching for Taylor. If you have any information contact the APD at 1-800-868-8477



I'll wager that when they apprehend Trailer Trash Taylor, he'll soon be charged with not just abusing a corpse, but creating one as well. They're story smells like rotten carp, fishy. Twenty-two year old women seldom just die in their sleep.

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