Fugitive Child Predator Captured and Released


SAN ANGELO, TX – Fugitive child predator Kyle Doty was captured and released the same day. 

The San Angelo Police Department added 25-Year-Old Kyle Doty to SAPD's most wanted list for a warrant of online solicitation of a minor. 

The warrant came after Doty was accused of snapchating a video of himself masturbating to a child. 

The following day Doty did the right thing and turned himself in. On top of the warrant for online solicitation Doty was wanted for nine city warrants, two violation of a promise to appear, failing to stop and leave information following a crash, and unsafe movement. He was in the Tom Green County Jail for these crimes until February 28. 

He was then released following a Personal Recognizance Bond.  

Following his release Doty tested positive for methamphetamine and a warrant for going off bond was issued on July 27. Doty was no where to be found. 

The San Angelo Police Department released a video on August 26 urging citizens to do their part and help them find Doty. Here is the video: 

On September 2 Doty was found, arrested, and booked into the Tom Green County Jail.  

The same day he was released on a $25,000 surety bond.



Jeff L, Thu, 09/03/2020 - 20:07

He's all better and out of jail. Won't be long and he'll be cruisin around with them other two predators in the red ford ranger...........................

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