The Strange Case of 2 Men and a Red Pickup in San Angelo


SAN ANGELO, TX – The San Angelo Police Department is investigating multiple incidents related to several viral social media posts describing two white males who are allegedly attempting to lure children into a red older-model Ford Ranger pickup truck as well as several posts inciting physical retaliation against the men.

Yesterday evening, a Facebook user approached San Angelo LIVE! to sell us a video clip of a man described as a "pedophile" getting knocked unconscious at a San Angelo area Stripes Convenience Store. "Got a video of the guy who knocked the pedo out at stripes earlier," the Facebook message read. We declined.

[[{"fid":"74662","view_mode":"default","fields":{"format":"default","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"Facebook posts of the suspicious men.","field_file_image_title_text[und][0][value]":"Facebook posts of the suspicious men."},"type":"media","field_deltas":{"1":{"format":"default","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"Facebook posts of the suspicious men.","field_file_image_title_text[und][0][value]":"Facebook posts of the suspicious men."}},"attributes":{"alt":"Facebook posts of the suspicious men.","title":"Facebook posts of the suspicious men.","class":"media-element file-default","data-delta":"1"}}]]
Above: Facebook posts of the suspicious men.

On Sunday, the police reported it received several reported sightings of the men and truck from the viral social media posts in and around various locations in San Angelo. Police said they responded to each reported sighting. Both men, who appear to be suffering from a cognitive impairment, were located and identified and investigations into the reported incidents ensued.

Police confirmed a possible act of so-called vigilante justice, where one of the accused men, aged 41, was assaulted late Sunday night at a local gas station during an altercation with three men who recognized the man from the viral posts. The man was later treated for a broken jaw. The suspects have not been located. The incident is under investigation.

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Above: More Facebook posts of the suspicious men.

To date, officers have spoken with several complainants who alleged the two men have been acting suspiciously and following children and women; however, no incidents of attempted abduction have been reported.

Police said none of the reported local incidents have risen to a violation of Texas law but police promised they are exploring every possible avenue within legal guidelines to halt the activity.

Police stressed the importance of reporting suspicious behavior when it is occurring. Sometimes, police said, people are reluctant to call 911 about behavior that they feel is suspicious or they choose to post on social media before calling authorities.

The Department is also cautioning members of the public to refrain from approaching the men and taking matters into their own hands.

If you or someone you know has had a recent encounter with the men, please contact the San Angelo Police Department as soon as possible at (325) 657-4315 to file an incident report.



I had to call the police yesterday on these two gentlemen for leering at my daughter when we were at her grandparents. They actually stopped in front of the house and leaned out the window, looking at her. It was very strange and creepy, they kept circling the neighborhood so I called the cops. The cops didn’t do anything (don’t think there was anything they could do) and I don’t know if the men meant any harm but like I told the cops when it comes to my children, I always play it safe. The whole situation was very unnerving. However, I don’t condone the vigilante justice. If they had done something to my daughter and I had no other choice at the time, maybe, but I felt it better to report to police and let them handle the situation. I hope these men learn that leering at women and children is not something that’s acceptable.

... indicate that law enforcement officers have identified and spoke with the subject or subjects in the red Ford Ranger. If that is indeed a true fact and the investigation ensued... my question is why didn't the officers hold them at the police station until they could eliminate the subjects an clear them as Suspicious Suspects? The headline for this article says; The Strange Case of two men and a red pickup " ... good headline for this article and strange story... because... if the SAPD are and were concerned... as reported... then why are they still searching for the Red Pickup and the two men? This is certainly "Twilight Zone" material. I'm probably going to hear from the resident Miss R. for saying this but ... maybe the two men are ... extraterrestrials from the ... "Red Planet Mars" ... LOL! It could happen!! ;-D

Because the cops are corrupt and inept (at best). You can at least see that for yourself, this is a good example. Besides that, being "suspicious" isn't a crime, but I am sure they could trespass them or something, plenty of times the cops find things to charge innocent people with, you would think they could do the same for people that actually need to be charged with something.

Corrupt and inept (at best), as you describe ALL police, that investigate suspicious behavior and determine that no actionable offense has been committed should falsely arrest innocent people on trumped up charges because they "need to be charged with something"? Should the police hire you to make that determination?

Since I have to spell it out for you, that was mostly a joke to show how inept the police actually are, as in "you would think they could do the same for people that actually need to be charged with something." They can't even do incompetence correctly.

Because you lack the wisdom to use the word "some" instead of "the" in your statement "Because the cops are corrupt and inept (at best)." you prove your thinking is shallow and of no value here. Overly broad generalizations have no merit, and are not useful in solving the problems at hand.

Of course, you are not the only one guilty of that here, but you do present yourself as being somewhat overly self-righteous.

... I've been trying to ignore the comments of someone , the being the POC that someone is ... it's hard to ignore the poc ... he has it in his head that he is not being ignored because he gets a response from the rest of us here on the rant page. If we just let him comment his opinion and not respond to whatever crap he spews out in a comment... there is a chance he will "Hang it up" and STOP with his ignorance about all police are corrupt. I personally think something is really messed up in his brain and he really should seek professional help with whatever problem he is dealing with in his head. I also have a slight gut feeling that he ... himself... may be one of the two subjects in question in the Red pickup... I have that slight feeling because he so badly... wants to prove his point to others about all police in general.

Desperate people ... do ... take desperate measures... to prove their point and it seems someone is desperate!

Yes, you replying back to me does legitimize my rants, so as always Warren, thank you.

... because ... its clear to a lot of readers of the rant page... besides me... that you are in more dire need to be evaluated by a mental health professional then institutionalize in a mental institution for the remainder of your natural life Me Someone... and I'm being nice about that! You know something, I have a few friends on the police force and I'm sure that if you are brave enough to sit down with one of them over a cup of coffee... and you look that officer directly in the eyes and tell that officer... your true ,honest opinion of him and his fellow officers... then he would most likely convince you that you are delusional and totally mentally unstable, but given that you are most likely a coward... you would be a " No Show " for that meeting. Now, you just go on right ahead and comment what crap and trash talk you want ... I will definitely not reply back to your comments because its a total waste of time with some as arrogant as you are!

"I will definitely not reply back to your comments because its a total waste of time with some as arrogant as you are!" - says the guy to just replied to my comment.

I've known people from the area whose parents had them institutionalized for simply disagreeing with their theology, and people who cross the wrong individuals locally that end up getting pressured to go and get "diagnosed" with something.

Knock it off, Warren, and be patient. Not everyone is going to put up with the local combination of ineptitude and corruption that rears its head every few years or with various forms of pressure, up to and including a spiked drink at an inopportune time. These things happen. Rumors abound. Some braggart idiots just talk too much and too loud in public.

Me has a point. Most police are upstanding people. Some are real psychopathic stinkers - and more likely to be a "No Show" unless the deck is stacked.

... you are just as delusional and arrogant as he is ( telling me to "knock it off") you and several other people on the rant page feel that you are the "Chosen Ones" and when you speak and make your comments... everyone else should "bow down " and kiss your feet... because you feel that some of us are beneath you! You and Me Someone and another one that I will not mention are just ordinary human beings like everyone else! There's nothing special about you and Me Someone that warrants me ... obeying your command to "knock it off". From reading a few of your own words... you obviously had poor guidance as a child on into your adolescent years and you have lost the ability to show respect to people much older than yourself... if you had any respect at all for people older than you. So, I commented to the Me Someone that it's fine with me ... to go ahead an spew out whatever crap and trash talk he wants ... and I will not give him any backlash over it. As for you ... and your arrogant attitude towards me ... I decline to do so ... just because you said so ... child. So, I will suggest a compromise... I am willing to not comment on anything on SA Live for awhile... if you and or someone... agree to never tell me what I should do according to you two ... you and who or whatever Me Someone are in life here or anywhere else give off the impression that you're "Special " and give me the impression that God himself told you that you should teach everyone else... what to say and when to say it ... surprise... you are just human beings like the rest of us and in Gods eyes ... we are ALL just as Special as you think you are.

"everyone else should "bow down " and kiss your feet" - Something we shouldn't do according to you.
"you have lost the ability to show respect to people much older than yourself" - but we SHOULD bow down to you because you are older.

C'mon Warren, you don't make any sense.

... that it seems you edited it and added a few more words! I'm curious why you seem to think that some San Angelo Police officers are psychopathic stinkers. I have never read any news reports from any of the local News outlets that have reported any Police officer in San Angelo doing anything of that type of behavior. I have never been a Police officer but I personally know quite a few officers in the SAPD. I attended High school with some, I have worked with a few before they became Police officers, I have close friends that have sons and daughters on the force, I worked around them as a maintenance worker for Tom Green County, also the TGC Sheriff's department, I was raised in the same neighborhood with a family that the Father was a former TGC Sheriff and one of his sons is a retired Texas Ranger ... my best friend back in elementary school, Jr. High and High school is a retired SAPD officer, and I have never, ever during my lifetime of living in San Angelo... from birth to present day.. heard anyone talk about Police officers in San Angelo acting like psychopathic stinkers! So my only conclusion is you and someone else that will not be mentioned have an agenda to brainwash as many people as you can that even here in San Angelo there are some Police officers on the force that are psychopaths! Well, that pure horseshit Rita and I and a plethora of people in San Angelo would stand by me on that. So, I'm going to say to you the same phrase you said to me child ...
Knock it off Rita and stop Gaslighting the rest of us!

All I said was corrupt officers are corrupt, and you kind of lashed out like I had personally insulted you and your friends.

Everything okay, Warren? A/C working good? Need a warm electric blanket? Blood sugar alright?

Wabo73, Tue, 09/01/2020 - 01:48

Forget that there lucky they don’t get killed don’t waste time looking for three that best they guy get the guy trying to abduct or harass people? WTH frank carter you fixing to lose a lot of votes

Jeff L, Tue, 09/01/2020 - 05:45

What happens when you put predators on probation. When the time comes these two will find meet their maker at the end of an AR or handgun. Tsk tsk tom green county , you should know better.

Well good for the one with the broken jaw...... Hope it's very painful and he has a very difficult recovery period. Sounds like the other one needs to be laid up beside him with a few painful broken bones too........

Call it whatever you want, but it is nothing more than JUSTICE. The lawyers, judges and entire court system is a useless wast of taxpayer money and should not be supported financially or other. The good people are tired of bad people having more rights and less consequences. I don't know about other states, but Texas can handle ourselves just fine. I don't care how cognitively impaired these pieces of trash are, even children know the difference between right and wrong.

"The lawyers, judges and entire court system is a useless wast of taxpayer money" throw the police in there, who actually start the charging process, and I will agree.
"The good people are tired of bad people having more rights" Please let us know what rights that they have that you do not.

Jeff L, Wed, 09/02/2020 - 05:51

they have the right to molest small children and only receive probation only to be released so that they may offend again in the future. While I agree painting everyone useless is a bit broad of a brush, our justice system and MANY other key cogs in that wheel are also BROKEN. Stop protecting pedophiles and start castrating them.

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