San Angelo Man Arrested After Impregnating 14-Year-Old Girl


SAN ANGELO, TX – A San Angelo Man sits in the Tom Green County Jail accused of impregnating a 14-year-old. 

According to court documents, on June 28, officers with the San Angelo police were dispatched to a residence within the city limits for a report of a child who was impregnated by an adult male. 

When police arrived, they met with the mother of the victim who told the officers that she believed her daughter was pregnant and that 18-year-old Felix Garza was the suspected father of the baby. 

Later, police spoke with the child who told them she and Garza had sex three times in the past month and they had been dating. The child also claimed she told Garza that she was only 14 and before having sex three times behind the Southern Little League baseball fields located at 4751 Ben Ficklin Rd. 

Officers then spoke with Garza. Prior to his arrest he told officers that he and the child were dating for a month and they only had sex once at one of the child's friend's houses. 

Police then arrested Garza and charged him with aggravated sexual assault of child. He is currently held in the Tom Green County Jail in lieu of a $30,000 bond.



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He done ruined his life 1st for playing hokey pokey with a minor and then knocked her up. Sounds like this 14 year old is a nasty little whore anyway but the ol pregnator made a major life altering decision):

"she told Garza that she was only 14 and before having sex three times behind the Southern Little League baseball fields"

Classy little dame, isn't she?

Oh, the irony.

Way to go, Garza. Now you're lumped in with 50 year old men with S&M fetishes for 5 year olds. It's "minor," as in off limits, not "miner," thus keep drilling for oil. This isn't some rural rancho, or for that matter, the red light district in Tijuana. You might as well save up some money and expatriate at this point.

You done fucked up, Garza!

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