Septuagenarian Caught with $3 Million Worth of Meth


LAREDO, TX—U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Office of Field Operations (OFO) officers at the Juarez-Lincoln Bridge seized methamphetamine that totaled over $3.3 million in street value.

“Methamphetamine abuse is a significant public health concern throughout the country,” said Acting Port Director Andrew Douglas, Laredo Port of Entry. “Through vigorous enforcement efforts, CBP will continue to intercept this hard narcotic and prevent it from reaching our communities.”

The seizure occurred on Sunday, August 23rd after a CBP officer referred a 2004 GMC Sierra 1500 for a secondary inspection. The vehicle was driven by a 72-year-old male U.S. citizen traveling from Mexico. Following a canine and non-intrusive imaging system inspection, CBP officers discovered a total of 168.08 pounds of alleged methamphetamine within the subject’s belongings. 

The narcotics have an estimated street value of $3,361,574.

CBP officers seized the narcotics and vehicle. The driver was arrested and the case was turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement-Homeland Security Investigations (ICE-HSI) special agents for further investigation.



The "Why" question first:
Why do people insist on using Meth? It's poison! Now for the "How" question:
How in the name of God's green earth can the Border patrol keep this poison out of America and the American people if our own citizensare trying to smuggle in Meth (poison) ? Its totally unacceptable and the U.S. citizens that try to smuggle this poison into the United States should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law. Scandalous ... just scandalous!

We could start with increased funding for drug rehabilitation. Instead of vilifying drug users, help them. Also increasing the budgets for our schools with specific classes on drug avoidance and counseling certainly would help. Those are just off the top of my head, I'm sure there are many other options that we could pursue to help our mutual community other than just locking people in cages for years, which has proven time and time again to not do much good other than ruin peoples lives.

Lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. Many, if not most, drug addicts don't want to quit, don't want to endure rehab, much like many homeless refuse to take advantage of shelters built for them and prefer sheltering under bridges and abandoned houses. Most public schools adopted the D.A.R.E. program and I'm certain that it has contributed to some staying away from drugs, but there are always thrill seekers, and those prone to peer influence who, knowing the potential harm, still try it anyway. And a portion of those become lifelong addicts.
I know you think the drug problem would be easy to fix by offering help, but most major problems are multi-faceted and complicated and 'fixes' are almost impossible.


I may have mentioned before I have a family member who developed an unholy fondness for crack cocaine back in his teens. He is now in his 50s, has spent most of his adult life behind bars, but is currently out of prison living with another family member.

He keeps getting out, screwing up, going back, getting out, and it has always only been a matter of time before he screws up again. I lost any faith in him quite some time ago. I am DONE with him, and he knows better than to think he could ever live with me and his mother again.

I wish I had some solution for those like him. I have some sympathy for those who develop a drug addiction through the abuse of pain killers after medical issues that can produce truly chronic pain and require relief. I have NO sympathy for those who use any dangerous drugs purely for recreational reasons, like my family member.

He and I, during a period when he lived with us, had a serious discussion about drug abuse one evening, and I made the comment that anyone who uses serious stuff, in his case crack, recreationally is an idiot. He got all puffed up and said something along the lines of, "You just don't know how good it feels!" My reply: "Great. But it completely f_cked up your life, didn't it?" No reply followed.

Like I said, I am DONE with him. He will never live in my house again.

I know four mothers that have lost sons to drug abuse. A couple of cases may have been accidental overdoses, one was a likely suicide by overdose, and the other was a suicide by firearm after years of chemical abuse. I weep for these mothers.

I'm a smart guy, but I have no answers here. Those who provide illicit drugs recognize that they provide product with a great profit margin. As long as people allow themselves to be enslaved by this filth, there will be people willing to provide it to them... whether it be heroin, cocaine, or meth in their many forms, the many opioids available, PCP, LSD, and other things I can't even name.

If there is adequate demand for a product, even if is illegal and dangerous, someone will seek to satisfy that demand. The bucks are bigger.

Perhaps rather than having some orange-haired fool thinking building a wall between us and Mexico will solve the drug issues here we should take a stronger look at what makes so many people think these poisonous chemicals will make their lives better.

Think about the old economic staple: Supply and demand. If there is demand, there will be supply.

I apologize for the extended rant. It is just this issue has touched me closely.

Sounds like you needed to vent. Perhaps it will confirm to young ME that some people just can't be helped no matter how much they are loved, supported, imprisoned, and assisted to attain sobriety.

"...much like many homeless refuse to take advantage of shelters built for them and prefer sheltering under bridges and abandoned houses."

I just assumed these people were "practicing poverty" in preparation for likely major civil unrest. Like when the fabric of public peace is so frayed that the government starts going after idiot jerks making internet comments - like because saying that we should outlaw Islam but keep the burqa custom causes someone in an office somewhere some kind of problem.

That being said, *MAYBE* (just a thought, here...) we should outlaw Islam but make burqas mandatory. And legalize all drugs.

This is the mindset of plenty of people "if it doesn't fix the problem all at once, it's not worth doing" and that is just simply wrong. We could start where I said with education and increased funding, see where the gaps are and go from there. But I guess I am at least willing to try, most others would just rather lock people up in cages because it makes them feel better about themselves or something. The point is, solutions to big problems like this are going to take incremental steps, it isn't going to be one umbrella law or solution to the whole thing, and that is just the reality of it.

Cajun strikes me as one of these boomer conservatives that secretly resents the President and doesn't understand many of the questions that seemed "unsolvable" in his time do have workable solutions born of the experience of people who have lived those problems directly.

One issue I'm sure many in the crypto-Jeb Bush camp have, is wrapping their head around why modern atheistic conservatives would be 1) conservative and 2) pro-religion.

Well, people in society have learned some things about how things work.
Me and Cajun could agree that some solutions are no less complex than their problems - such as addressing why so many people are miserable enough to turn to drugs.

... since you seem to have just the correct solutions to many of today's social and societal problems( Btw ... I agree with you on "why" does it seem that people are so miserable that they turn to drugs...) why don't you throw your intellectual hat in the ring... and put in as a candidate for President of the United States of America? Just curious... as I have already stated!

... or rather ... I did forget to mention on my reply... " Why are you so miserable? ... that it seems and appears that you spend an overly amount of time on the rant page! Just curious!!

Do you feel it? Do you feel the joy?

And I hadn't considered politics. Maybe just a congressional bid. Thanks for the idea and the "vote" of confidence, Warren, and don't forget to write me in if you don't see me on the ballots! =D

... I recognize sarcasm when I hear it or read it miss Rita... and with that superior intellect... I would have figured you would also...LoL... just hacking on ya a bit since it seems to have been a while since anyone has, plus ... the general population on this here rant page ... seems to enjoy that type of thing! So, please don't start anything up between us... I sorta like reading the rants from you miss Rita, so I apologize if you took me seriously or that you thought... has you have mentioned once, I was not "Gaslighting" you and I never will or have ... regardless of what you may think about that! Seriously, I would not write you in ... we have enough delusional people in Washington DC as it is! :-D. ;-)

These dope mules should get instant death penalty for transporting this toxic poison into America.

First we need a full-fledged dictatorship to so easily violate human rights. But I'm with you. Works in China and Russia.

China AND Russia? No way. Russia's crappy totalitarianism broke down like an old Cuban car back in the early 1990s.

When it comes to totalitarianism, nobody does it like China. They've got their poor living in factories, a suffocating social credit system, and they totally get away with freestyling their tyranny like an old school jazz master on Hong Kong, the Tibetans, and centuries old Muslim communities that exist within their borders. These cats even have, like, concentration camps for their Muslim Uygher untermenschen. They're just too skilled to get called out.

When it comes to successfully riding the waves of change, only China's communist party can build lasting tyranny. =D

Jeff L, Sat, 08/29/2020 - 19:31

but not every time these dope mules are being extorted by the cartels. They'll use anything (family members, some dirty laundry, or a debt) against the "mule" in order to get their poison across borders. I'm afraid it is a never ending cycle until we find a way to eliminate the items they use to make their toxic crap.

I remember watching a Spanish language court show and, picking up about every other word, came to understand that one of the guests on the show claimed that the cartels captured him and gave him an ultimatum: Either he have sex with his father, or be executed.

I remember wondering why he was still alive. Death is an inevitability, and at the point someone tries to use your life as a tool for their own purposes, that's probably the perfect time to make it at least their inconvenience, or at worst their biggest threat.

They wouldn't extort you if they didn't need something.

Meth heads usually aren't "casual users" who unwind with a loaded glass pipe, after a hard day's work. They make their problem, everyone else's problem. Most of these problems involve property crimes against innocent people, and for that, they, themselves deserve the death penalty.

On a much lighter note, how about the son of Mr. "Moral Majority", Jerry Falwell Jr., just a few years after praying and paying the pornographic selfies away, being exposed as a participant in a quintessential cuckold porn plot for the past 8 years, with his wife and a pool boy?

Pay no attention to the sanctimonious Bible banger behind the curtain -- he just ''likes to watch''.

... since you and someone seem to have "All" the answers to America's problems! Just thought I would point that out!

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