Suspected Car Thief Indicted After Crashing Truck at Walmart


SAN ANGELO, TX – On August 5, a Tom Green County grand jury indicted 31-year-old Matthew Kyle Robertson of San Angelo for the Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle which is a state jail felony in the state of Texas. 

On May 29, 2020 Officer Baldwin with the San Angelo Police Department was dispatched to a residence off N. Sellers St. in reference to the report of an unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. 

When the responding officer arrived on scene he spoke with the victim who advised that an unknown person had stolen his 2013 black Chevrolet pickup truck from his residence.

Three days later on June 1, Officer Torres with the SAPD had been working off duty security at the Walmart off W 29th St when she was alerted to a motor vehicle accident in the parking lot.

A witness in the area pointed out the two vehicles involved including a black Chevrolet pickup and a black Buick as a few individuals involved attempted to leave the scene. 

As Officer Torres approached the scene she observed a younger male subject exiting from the passenger side of the pickup, and a witness in the area quickly pointed out a second male subject who was seen walking away from the scene who was later identified as being the driver of the black pickup.

The juvenile passenger was seen walking away from the scene shortly after, and was eventually located by additional responding units. 

As the investigation continued Officer Torres ran information for both vehicles and was able to determine the black Chevrolet pickup involved in the crash was reported stolen by it's owner.

The juvenile passenger was subsequently charged with unauthorized use of the motor vehicle at the scene, and the driver was arrested and booked on multiple charges.

Following an initial investigation at the scene officer Torres obtained Walmart security footage of the Chevrolet pickup's arrival where the male subject identified as the driver was seen entering Walmart at approximately 9:32 a.m that morning.

In a forensic interview with the driver detectives viewed the Walmart security footage and positively identified the driver of the Chevrolet pickup who was seen entering Walmart and walking away from the scene of the accident as the defendant, formally known as Matthew Kyle Robertson of San Angelo, Tx.

During an interview with the juvenile subject detectives learned that he was a next door neighbor of Robertson's and the two often spent time together.

Some time after detectives spoke with the juvenile's father who claimed that his son told him that Robertson had taken his son with him to Walmart after Robertson invited the kid get high with him.

While speaking with the juvenile's father detectives also learned that the father had previously noticed the black Chevrolet pickup truck parked in Robertson's drive way a couple days before on May 31, and had actually taken a photo of the truck after believing the vehicle was stolen. 

Detectives recovered the photo of the black Chevrolet truck parked in Robertson's drive way prior to the incident at Wal Mart from the juvenile's father, and determined that Robertson had stolen the vehicle and had been operating the vehicle without effective consent or knowledge from the owner.

On June 19 Matthew Robertson was arrested by officers with the SAPD at approximately 12:48 a.m. where he was released later that day after posting $7,500.00 in bond.

Over a month later on August 5, 31-year-old Matthew Kyle Robertson was formally indicted by a Tom Green County Grand Jury for his Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle.




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