SAPD Warns of Uptick in Gun Thefts


 SAN ANGELO, TX – The San Angelo Police Department issued a statement on Tuesday reminding the public the consequences of leaving your gun in a vehicle unattended.

According to the San Angelo Police Department, During the week of August 16-22, a total of four guns were stolen by criminals during vehicle burglaries. 

Although most gun owners are responsible, the decision to leave a gun in your vehicle can have major consequences. 

Stolen guns are often sold and traded for drugs or worse — used in robberies or other violent crimes.

Our Officers want to remind citizens that gun safety isn’t just how you handle the weapon — it’s also how you store it.

Removing guns from vehicles entirely or securing them safely in a trunk or lockbox can help prevent your firearms from ending up in the wrong hands.

Let’s work together to prevent this and promote responsible gun ownership for a safer community.



If you leave a gun laying around for a child to pick it up and play with it or accidentally use it, you will have a felony charge filed on you for being irresponsible. Well, so the exact same charge should be filed on anyone who gets a firearm stolen from leaving it inside a vehicle, they are irresponsible for leaving it to be accessible to whoever comes across it.... I betcha both gun thefts would go way down along with reporting a gun stolen from a vehicle thus allowing the police to spend more time on other things instead of taking these reports.

Not too many instances of gun theft happen in the ''da 'hood''.

1. Virtually every gun owner here have already "acquired" their firearm/s from the vehicles of aloof assholes in places like College Hills (for instance).

2. No responsible gang banger or drug dealer is leaving their strap in their vehicles. It's much more convenient to carry in the small of your back or waistband. If the need to rob someone or shoot a rival presents itself, the mark isn't going to stand around waiting while you run to your trunk and fumble around with a lockbox.

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