Huge Amount of Kush Seized in Small West Texas Town


POST, TX – A deputy with the Garza County Sheriff's Office made a record bust on Friday after he seized nearly $700,000 in Marijuana. 

According to the Garza County Sheriff's Office, on August 21, a deputy with the GCSO made a traffic stop near Post, TX. During the stop he smelled a heavy presence of what he believed to be marijuana. The deputy decided to search the car and found the bust of a lifetime.

Inside he found 115 pounds of marijuana. The drugs totaled to an estimate street value of $697,935.

This is the largest drug bust since the new sheriff took over in Garza County back in 2013. 

At this time two people were arrested for possession of marijuana greater than 50 pounds and less than 2000 pounds. The identities of the accused are unknown at this time. 




Wabo73, Mon, 08/24/2020 - 19:08

Why even bother it’s not gona be illegal much longer How about focus on meth heroin and illegals

Sheriff might better search that boy before he goes home...... Looks as if he might be hiding a dozen or so of those bundles underneath his shirt in the front..........

Jeff L, Tue, 08/25/2020 - 06:25

I'm wondering how he even keeps his pants on since he obviously has no hips but looks like a hippo.

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