Midland County Grand Jury Indicts Tye Anders With Evading Arrest


MIDLAND, TX – A Midland County grand jury indicted Tye Anders on Thursday for the sole charge of evading arrest according to District Attorney Laura Nodolf.

Anders was indicted on one count of Evading Arrest with a Motor Vehicle, which is a state jail felony in the state of Texas. State jail felonies are often referred to as 'fourth-degree felonies' and are punishable by up to 180 days to two years in a state jail facility if a defendant is convicted.

Anders’ arrest on May 16 hit the national news after multiple bystander's posted videos showing several Midland police officers pointing guns at him as he lay facedown in the grass unarmed. The video received countless scrutiny following the death of George Floyd, who died after Minneapolis police officers kneeled on his neck during an arrest.

Arrest affidavit for Anders' arrest detailed the few minutes before the bystander videos began. According to the affidavit, Anders failed to pull over after an officer initiated a traffic stop for allegedly running a stop sign and continued driving until he reached his grandmother’s house which was roughly two blocks form where the officer initiated his lights.

The city of Midland recently released the body and dashboard camera footage of the incident in response to the public's outcry and allegations by Anders’ attorney that his client had been struck by an officer during his arrest. Nodolf said at the time her office had, "reviewed all footage and did not see any evidence of wrongdoing by police".

Anders’ indictment comes as a protest of his arrest has been planned for June 27 at Midland’s Washington Park, organized by a Dallas civil rights group that goes by the name of Next Generation Action Network.



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What was he being arrested for? You can't evade arrest if there is no underlying charge to arrest him for in the first place. I know the "cops" will tell you you can be, but they make stuff up all of the time, any intelligent person can see that easily. If I was a jury member and this was the only charge I would definitely find him not guilty, just on the principle.

He knew the cop was behind him and he knew his light were on for him... You don’t get to keep on trucking and stop when you get good and ready! He chose to ignore the officer and continue on to his grandmothers home! Why don’t you put yourself in that cops shoes with everything going on right now and ask yourself what you would have thought if you were the cop! I would ask why he’s ignoring, what is he hiding, is he going to run, am I going to be set up, does he have a weapon! Then he wouldn’t exit the car like he was asked! That officer had no way of knowing his thought process, drunk, high,!! The officer has a right to protect himself and the community first! He still didn’t want to comply! Then you have relatives coming out of the house and I doubt he knew they were related and even if he did! You explain the driver’s actions!! All he had to do was stop, immediately, talk to the cop and he would’ve more than likely been on his merry way! But he chose the later and grandmas upset, the sister or whoever Shia actions didn’t help one bit! But then again, that cop still has no clue why this guy is acting the way he is and doesn’t know if he or anybody else there has a weapon or what’s going on!! It used to be benefit of the doubt but everybody has this entitlement attitude and no respect for others with hatred and no sense of responsibility for our own actions!!! Everybody racist, everybody haters, bla, bla, bla!! Everybody, all Americans should be taking a long hard look at themselves right now! And Remind yourself that not everyone is a racist or a dirty cop and start showing a little respect for each other! If we don’t we are going to create even more hatred, more racism and no sense of responsibility and we’ll never figure out a resolution for anything and it will tear this country sport quicker than any pandemic and or a politicians!! They have sat on there asss up in Washington for way to long and have gotten filthy rich and just about destroyed what this country was built on and couldn’t care less what happens to the general public!! No matter what color your skin may be!! If the community’s and all of us don’t come together!! Washington will continue to sit back and watch the dog and pony show!! Because if you don’t remember what Nancy Pelosi said before Trump even got elected that she would bankrupt and destroy this country any way she could!! That in itself should’ve made every American Breathing open our eyes and question what they’re hiding from all of us!! Politicians all sitting on there are blaming everybody but themselves, the ones in control have been there for 15 to 40 plus yrs!! Spoiling themselves and lying to us! And the Media is feeding it hot and heavy to keep the confusion and hatred amongst us!!

" Nancy Pelosi said before Trump even got elected that she would bankrupt and destroy this country any way she could"

Links to proof of this?

Also, that sure is quite a bit of exclamation points there, you might want to see someone about your anger issues.

It was all over local, national and internet for 3 yrs! Guess you have a selective memory! Only anger issue I have is dealing with people liked you with your cry baby he hurt my feelings, stupidity and entitlement minded douchebags that wine all day about how bad you got it because all you do is blame everything on everybody else instead of looking in the mirror, growing a pair and get a job and mind you own business!! Look it up yourself dip chit! Some of us work 6 days a week 70 hrs! School is out!!

So no links to proof then?

If you work 6 days a week and 70 hrs, you might want to try and find something a little easier. Just because you work a lot of hours does not mean you are better than anyone else, nor is it any reason for anyone else to have to either. We should be moving forward with automation so everyone has more free time, not concentrating on working ourselves to death to the point you cant even walk or move without pain before you even retire, that is ridiculous. I wouldn't want that for anyone, especially someone as nice as you :)

Also it is spelled "whine" not "wine", and you should have said "mind your own business" not "mind you own business" and you spelled sh*t as "chit", I guess school really is out...


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