Accused Cattle Thief Wants Court Transcripts Delaying Jury Trial


SAN ANGELO, TX -- Accused cattle thief Dusty Thompson was in court Tuesday morning for what was supposed to be his final pretrial hearing but his jury trial has been postponed again after he filed a hand written motion with the judge. 

Thompson, 44, is accused of theft in connection with three cattle penned on his property that belonged to someone else.  He is charged with a third degree felony theft of cattle valued at less than $150,000 which occurred in the fall of 2016.  

The motion filed on July 12, 2019, "request(s) a copy of every court reporter transcript from October 2016 to today's date of 7-12-2019 on every pretrial and hearing pertaining to our case.  Case No. B-16-1102-SB."

District Judge Carmen Dusek Tuesday placed the motion hearing on District Judge Ben Woodward's hearing docket but a date has not been set.  Judge Dusek also moved Thompson's jury trial date from August 19 to August 27.  

Depending on Judge Woodward's ruling, Thompson's jury trial could be delayed again. 

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