Shades of Keene; Abilene Woman Runs Over and Kills Woman and Gets Short Sentence


ABILENE, TX -- An Abilene woman who ran over and killed a person in 2017 and left the scene was sentenced to 60 days in jail and eight years probation Friday.

In what was very reminiscent of the Michael Keene trial in Eldorado where a white jury found a white man not guilty of killing a black special needs woman when he hit her with his car and left her to die on the roadside in San Angelo made headlines.  

KTXS is reporting that 65-year-old Teresa Ann Dominy pleaded guilty in October in Abilene to driving the vehicle which killed Robbin Caldwell in the 600 block of East Stamford in Abilene. She was sentenced Friday.

Court documents indicate Dominy while sitting at the light at Hwy 351, "she turned on her interior light and could see that the passenger side of her windshield was smashed," the document says. "She recalled thinking that she should go back and also that she should call someone."

But she did not stop to check what she hit or call anyone for help.

As we reported in March 2018, Gary Michael Keene's trial for manslaughter was moved from San Angelo to Eldorado in part because of pretrial publicity by San Angelo Live.

Gisele Jarmon was a 23-year-old special needs person when she died after being struck by a vehicle while walking in the access road on Loop 306 near Southwest Blvd. during a dark, rainy night in June of 2015.  Keene was allegedly driving the vehicle that struck and killed her. He was 20 at the time. He was acquitted of the charges against him causing her death.






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Z Z, Sat, 03/30/2019 - 11:12

Okay, I tried to change my name to ZZ and didn't know how to do it. Now you have the right to make fun of me from now on.

Okay , off topic. That B need to learn how to drive and quit running over people.

Okay, here is the longest Spanish surname. Can you imagine what his mom call him when she got mad with him.

Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso.

White jury, white suspect, black victim...come on Yantis!!! Why are u trying to stir the pot, stop trying to use race as an issue.

This is a case of a woman running over and killing another woman. Why did Yantis feel the need to pull an Al Sharpton and make some derogatory race-baiting remark? A big part of the reason race remains a problem in this country, is the constant perpetuation of the big bad white man. Good grief. Tell you what Yantis, look up the statistics regarding black on white murder. Better yet, peruse the stats on black on black murder. You need to let out the stirrups on that high horse you ride.....

There have been 76 reported murders in the city of Chicago, since the beginning of 2019. About 2/3 of these are Black victims killed by Black perpetrators.

Reading through the names, absolutely NONE of these Black victims made national news headlines or caught the attention of Al Sharpton, nor was a single riot thrown in their honor.

Reason: almost all were Black, inner city criminals, killing other Black inner city residents.

Al would have to change from "I'm outraged!", to "I'm embarrassed!"

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