Border Patrol Agents Care for Child While Undocumented Mother Taken to Hospital


DEL RIO, TX — U.S. Border Patrol agents from the Uvalde Station cared for an 18-month-old child while her mother was treated at a hospital after crossing the border illegally.

On March 26, Border Patrol agents from the Eagle Pass Station apprehended a pregnant Honduran woman traveling with her 18-month-old child after entering the United States illegally. The woman was experiencing abdominal pain and was taken to Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center. During this time, agents provided care for the 18-month-old in shifts at the Uvalde Border Patrol Station until the mother was released from the hospital. After being deemed fit for travel by hospital staff, the woman was reunited with her daughter, and processed per U.S. Customs and Border Protection guidelines.

“I am proud of the agents and staff who continue to show great compassion during this humanitarian crisis on our southern border,” said Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent Felix Chavez. “However, our agents are continually pulled from their enforcement duties to watch over people at hospitals, and in this case a child while her mother was receiving care.”

The Del Rio Border Patrol Sector is part of the South Texas Corridor, which leverages federal, state and local resources to combat transnational criminal organizations. To report suspicious activity call the Del Rio Sector’s toll free number at 1-866-511-8727.

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Well, isn't that just precious. Next week, the agent will have the measles or any of the other assorted diseases these criminals bring across the border with them. What is up with having to read this stupid puff piece on the front page three days running? Give it a rest, already. SAST lost their readership when they turned USA Today liberal, this rag will do the same if you do not understand the views of your readership.....

Jordan, Wed, 04/03/2019 - 00:06

A child is a "disease infested criminal"? In actuality, children, widows and handicapped people are great litmus tests for gauging the state of ones heart...and yours, sir, is disappointingly hard. It's sad and depressing that you equate certain human life as "vermin." Further more, that anyone who values kindness and gentleness as "liberal" and "stupid puff...". I pray your stance will one day change and you will see others as we are intended to....people with souls. You live in America, have access to clean running water, a hot cup of coffee on every corner and the freedom to express your opinions as (narrow minded and meager as they are) and you waste your freedom playing Scrooge? You use your wild abundance to hate the most innocent just because they were born on the wrong side of a fence? Elitism is disturbing as it could just as easily have been you running for your life and trusting a stranger with your child. The only reason you are here and not elsewhere is by the grace of God. You are blessed and instead of blessing others you hate and play judge on who is worthy and who isn't. When all is said and done, do you really think your insecure opinions will really matter?

A conservative voting, white, military wife

P.S..If you don't like reading about the good side of humanity...don't look! The only one in control of what you choose to read is you!

Most of the general public only reads and hears about "cartel violence", which many would assume consist of a couple of gunshots fired this way, a few fired back. Public nuisance, at worst, right?

Mexico is a place where their very military are often outgunned, outnumbered and at the mercy of the very worst this world has to offer.

A few days ago, 11 police in armored trucks were ambushed by a group of these rat bastards. They were dragged out of their vehicles, beaten and disarmed. If any of our local compassionate, "do-gooders" aren't put off by possible drug resistant illnesses and funding life-long charity cases, at the expense of our own, maybe they could take a minute to imagine some of the aforementioned violence, eventually making it's way over a few hours north of Mexico, to say...San Angelo.

Very true, we got the hot coffee on tap and some semblance of freedom which the 9-11 farce didn't completely deprive us of, but that won't last long once the cesspool to the South of us eventually spills over. Cartel operatives are HERE, in our city, and in our state. The only reasons we're not seeing the piles of limbs and heads on display and the overpass lynchings, is because one, it sends up red flags and unwanted attention to local cartel operations and it's members, and two, because our law enforcement hasn't yet hit the skids, and either thrown in the towel, or defected to the other side.

Nuevo Laredo didn't become the thriving criminal infested shithole it is today, overnight. Corruption and ineptitude by local law enforcement, mixed in with a fearful and apathetic populace are the perfect breeding grounds for what we see there today.

I'd like to stop seeing a bit less of the the "women and children'' angles, and more links to visual, graphic depictions of the brutal reality which is inevitably making its way North.

When some of you have wiped your tears, after fawning over the picture above, take a few minutes to visit reality ……

Difficult to view, I admit I couldn't, or wouldn't watch it in it's entirety, yet our 'civilized' society has insulated themselves from virtually all hard truths. What kind of punishment is befitting these sub-humans? I know, Lares knows, yet our collective sensibilities won't allow us to even discuss the possibility. When this kind of violence becomes commonplace here, I still doubt we'd deal with it effectively.

Jordan, Sat, 04/06/2019 - 01:51

...But babies are not criminals or disease infested burdens and I can level with the pregnant mother' desire to flee. Imagine the thought of raising your children in a location where this video you shared is common place... ?What wouldn't you do for your children? However, I'm very aware of the dangers of an open order which is why I'd never support it. I will also never support innocent people being turned away because of nationality. There's is a way to filter the evil while protecting the most vulnerable. (Generalizations aren't the way to start the sifting process they only lead to hard hearts it's what I was mainly addressing above.)

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