WARNING DISTURBING VIDEO: Dogs Severely Injured in Bee Attack in West San Angelo


SAN ANGELO – First responders were dispatched Wednesday morning to a report of bees attacking people and pets in the 3500 block of W. Beauregard Ave.

According to reporters on the scene, several dogs were attacked and at least one person was injured in the neighborhood.  

The San Angelo Police Department issued a Nixel Alert urging residents to put pets inside and avoid the area.  

WARNING: The video below may be too intense for some viewers: 

A witness at the scene says a woman was stung multiple times and took her dog to the vet for treatment.  

First responders in bee suits were scene loading up at least one dog to that had been stung many times to take it to the vet.  

This is a developing story.  

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Jodi Olesen, Wed, 06/01/2022 - 11:21

OMG!! Yantis Green....PLEASE, please, please either ask someone competent to proof read your submissions before they are posted or write for a website that is not associated with San Angelo. You are an embarrassment with your inability to write using the English language properly. I'm a Texan (born & bred) and there are 2 things that I have found that make me ashamed to be a Texan. One is Ted Cruz and the other is San Angelo Live! and their unwillingness to hold themselves to a higher standard when it comes to the garbage they post and refer to it as a cohesive, sensible and understandable article. So sad.

Jodi Olesen, Wed, 06/01/2022 - 22:16

Yep! That was the one comment I knew at least one of you a$$ hats would make. LOL! Yeah, moving out of State just because of things that are embarrassing is the most logical solution to the problem. God forbid Ted Cruz is ever held accountable and run out of this State. He can go back to Canada where he belongs. As for San Angelo Live! I will continue to rag on the writers in this forum. They have chosen to write articles for the general public to read. Therefore, they are open to being critiqued/criticized if they don't know how to write correctly. And, to those who make fun of my punctuation errors...Doesn't bother me one iota. See...I'm NOT in a JOB where I need to have perfect grammar and grammatical skills in order to do my job well. I'm just a dumb Texan, remember? I'm gonna go play in a different sand box this one is filled with too much cat $hit.

Ha.Ha. Woke the snowflake!!

Thats why all your Califoricators are moving to Texas.

If you really ashamed of Texas for your couple piddly ass rants then you really arent a real Texan anyway. 

Lets here another paragraph of your whining drivel(:(:(:

Even more sad is your poor use of punctuation. Yet you found a way to belittle someone making the same or similar mistakes. 

Z Z, Wed, 06/01/2022 - 23:30

I was trimming some bushes one time and stirred up a wasp nests. Meanwhile across the fence , neighbors were in their hot tub spa unaware of the calamity. 

luckily nothing happened but I did yell get inside but I don’t believe anyone knows understood what I meant 


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