Seat Belts Save Rag-Top Jeep Occupants' Lives in Roll-Over Crash with 18-Wheeler


SAN ANGELO, TX — A ragtop Jeep was exiting the eastbound lanes of the Houston Harte Expy. at the Arden Rd. exit when it was struck by an 18-wheeler, sending the high center-of-gravity Jeep into a roll.

According the police, the rolled-over Jeep had four male occupants and all were wearing seatbelts. Not one was ejected from the vehicle.

Police said he 18-wheeler was on the service road eastbound at about the time the Jeep was exiting the expressway onto the same roadway. There was another passenger vehicle ahead of the 18-wheeler on the service road, and the truck driver swerved to miss that car successfully. When the Jeep arrive in the path of the semi, it was unable to maneuver more, and side-swiped the Jeep, sending it into a roll.

No one was taken to the hospital, police said.

“This is a testament that seatbelts save lives,” police said at the scene. Traffic citations are pending, police said.


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