WATCH: SUV Crashes into Street Sweeper in North San Angelo


SAN ANGELO, TX – The driver of a black SUV crashed into a City of San Angelo street sweeper Monday afternoon on N. Chadbourne St.

According to investigating officers, the SUV and the street sweeper were both southbound on Chadbourne St.

Watch video from the crash scene:

The driver of the SUV was traveling at a high rate of speed and didn't see the street sweeper. 

The SUV crashed into the street sweeper.

Investigating officers say there were no injuries.

The driver of the SUV was issued a citation for failure to control speed.

Chadbourne St. was blocked off at the crash scene while officers investigated the crash.



... texting and driving or taking on their cellphone! If you can't see something in front of you... that size ( street sweepers are pretty big... bigger than a full size pickup!) ... then that person should not be issued a driver's license, period! As I mentioned before on a different accident article... always drive "defensively" in the COSA and in TGC!

LIVE! Should publish a weekly or monthly Dumbass Award. This so-called driver clearly wins this week! How do you NOT see a huge white truck with a cloud around it & a flashing yellow light?! Heck, you can hear the thing before you see it a block away! This idiot motorist should be charged with more than failure to control speed. A more fitting charge would be failure to pull head out of butt while driving. They are the August 2020 Dumbass of the Month!

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