WATCH: Drivers Escape Injury in Crash at Chicken Restaurant


SAN ANGELO, TX – Two drivers escaped injury Friday afternoon near the intersection of Ave. N and S. Bryant.
According to San Angelo Police Department Traffic Division investigating officer Younts, the driver of silver passenger car was westbound on Ave. N attempting to turn left into the KFC restaurant parking lot.  There was a vehicle in the left westbound lane of Ave. N which had stopped to allow the silver car to turn in.

Watch video from the scene:

The red four door passenger car was westbound in the right land and didn't stop as the silver car pulled across the lane causing the crash.

The driver of the silver car was issued a citation for failure to yield the right of way. 

No one was seriously injured. 



"westbound in the right land"

Seriously, do you guys even edit? Or do you just mash your fingers against the keyboard and hope journalism pops out?

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