Four Escape Injury in Three Car Crash on Chickenbocker


SAN ANGELO, TX -- Four people escaped serious injury Friday afternoon in a three vehicle crash on Chickenbocker Rd. near Bushes Chicken. 

San Angelo Police Department investigating officer Brian Bylsma says the drivers of a 2012 Honda Pilot and a 2015 Jeep Cherokee were slowing down when the driver of a 2007 Chevrolet Cavalier was following them.  The investigation showed that the driver of the Cavalier looked down for a minute and was distracted. 

When he looked up, the driver of the Cavalier wasn't able to stop and crashed into the back of the Jeep pushing it into the Honda. 

The driver in the Jeep and the driver in the Honda were not injured.  The driver of the Cavalier was complaining of injuries but refused medical treatment at the scene. 

The driver of the Cavalier was issued a citation for failure to control speed.  




Z Z, Fri, 01/04/2019 - 18:03

A culmination of different things leading to a calamity. Knickerbocker is a long straight road and leaves the impression you can go fast. Mix that with a lot of food places and people going slow and stopping changes the dynamic.

Speed limit = 40 miles per hour

Throw in the third variable to the equation = someone staring at their mobile phone while driving.

The scenario would be ,

car A - I am just driving down the road to work as usual
car B - lets stop for lunch and try some fried chicken
car C - oblivious to the situation and texting while driving

then arrive the public servants, ambulance, medical bills, attorneys, courts, and insurance companies

of course , the planning commission and engineers are immune. The loop is supposed to take care of people in a hurry. However, people on Knickerbocker are in a hurry. That dynamic has changed.

Mobile phones have the capability to tell if you are driving. Service should be shut off during that time. This will keep happening with people staring at their texts.

sounds like a job for the traffic study experts

I don't see how you can call Knickerbocker Road "Chicken Alley" or anything like it. Yes, there are restaurants where you can get fried chicken, but there are many other fast food places as well. There's Taco Bell, Dairy Queen, Sonic, Julios, and Burger King, and Subway. The whole thing is dumb.

There are, after all, a KFC, Church's, Chicken Express, and Popeye's along the contiguous Bryant Blvd/Abe St stretch that have not earned it any epithet. Popeye's, the establishment which features a warm and lively hostess offering "Louisiana Fast" comfort food in their advertisements—and is a dear and underappreciated favorite of mine—has not earned the title of "the chicken spot."

I don't have any definitive evidence as to what this inside joke might be referring to, and as you wrote, it doesn't seem to make sense. I'm fairly gnostic, however, that if you got the joke, it would be so bad that you would want to un-know it.

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