Truck Rolls On Loop, Clogs Traffic Artery


Westbound traffic on the Loop near the Glenna/Arden Road exit has been cut off and is being redirected around the scene of a major crash, where motorists are only able to pass on the shoulder.

The wreck involves a silver Dodge Ram that is laying on its side and appears to have run through a guard rail before coming to a stop in the grassy center between the west- and eastbound lanes on the overpass above Garfield St.

Whether or not injuries were sustained in the crash is not yet known. 

Patrol cars from the SAPD, members of the SAFD and TxDOT are currently on scene.

Update 1:46 p.m.

The first officer on scene said he had been driving eastbound when he saw the truck on the side of the road. 

"He advised he was changing lanes and came over too far," the officer said. "When he did, he kind of hit the median, hit vehicle [hit] the guardrail, which caused him to flip onto his side."

A second vehicle, a maroon Toyota Prius, sustained damage and was rendered undrivable hitting debris from the Ram, the officer explained.

Investigating officer Ed Hunger stated that the driver of the Ram was cited for failure to control speed. 



I was tied up in the redirected traffic congestion on the frontage road of this accident. By the time I made it back to a computer and had a chance to pull up SALive, this story had posted, relieving my insatiable curiosity for information on these matters. I, for one am glad that we have a news source that responds to as many things, as quickly, as the wonderful folks at SALive does. Even if it comes at the cost of a few typos.

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