Operation Jade Helm is Coming to San Angelo Again?

SAN ANGELO, TX -- Some Tom Green County residents back in 2015 worried about Operation Jade Helm, a military training operation that would for the first time bring active duty special operations forces in the U.S. Military to Tom Green County.  

In 2015, President Barrack Obama's administration endeared so many conservative Texans to him, that rumors circulated about a secret U.S. Military plot, code named "Jade Helm," to disarm and round up citizens into FEMA camps made out of existing Walmart locations. Their concerns about martial law turned out to be unfounded and the military training operations have now become an occasional routine part of life in the county.  Except, since 2015, we have a new president and commander and chief, and in San Angelo, we have four additional Walmart locations.

On Tuesday Tom Green County Commissioners will consider supporting, “the United States Special Operations Forces Exercises (in Tom Green County)  from June 1, 2018 - May 31, 2021.”

As we reported in 2015, “The training will take place in between Tom Green and Schleicher Counties from July 15 to  Sept. 15. The training is to include special operations forces from different branches of the Department of Defense.  The San Angelo Police Department will also be invited to participate in the training.”

“We feel Texans are supportive of the military, and understand that your state provides the variety of terrain needed for this type of training,” said Tom Mead, US Army Special Operations Command. “During the training period citizens may notice nighttime air traffic, and increased military presence in mixed uniforms.”

“Military has become part of our DNA here in San Angelo, it is not out of the ordinary to see men and women in uniform throughout the community,” said Judge Steve Floyd in 2015. “We are glad to provide the US Army a place to provide important, special training.”

Also on Tuesday, commissioners will consider formally changing the contract with White Construction Company increasing the price and extending the construction time for the newly funded expansion of the new jail.  

Tom Green County Commissioners meet at 8:30 am. Tuesday in the Commissioner’s Court room on the second floor of the Keyes Building  at 113 W. Beauregard St. The meeting is open to the public.


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"In 2015, President Barrack Obama's administration endeared so many conservative Texans to him, that rumors circulated about a secret U.S. Military plot..." It's almost like you think people wouldn't have had the racist overreaction they had if Obama had only been nicer to conservatives.

txkboy, Tue, 05/01/2018 - 18:43

I still don't see the point of holding a military exercise on private land, when Texas has military camps all over the State, which is exactly what they are there for. If you need reality, you build a town and bring in actors to be villagers (like they did back in NM). If its a counter, you bring in a red cell. Almost seems like a waste of taxpayers money. I wonder how involved the exercise plan and goals are?

RR, Tue, 05/01/2018 - 22:36

I had seen some of the history of when Nazis invaded Poland and was heading for Holland. The story was about a group of engineers that worked for the US Army and had encountered the first part of the invasion force . They were dressed as normal men in plain clothes.

They soon realized after they found several people who encountered them laying dead on the ground, and with other help that a huge invasion force was coming right behind them. So, the engineers made a run for it in mad desperation to escape. They were doing everything they could to blow the bridges and stop their advance. That was an amazing true story, and they survived it.

but, my dad was also in the Army Corp in Europe out of La Rochelle , France and then in Karlsruhe, Germany.

I don't worry about it because if any force tried to invade Texas, they would probably not only lose, but then we would go after them.

Jade Helm isn't going to be something we have to worry about... Our military has a pretty reasonable history when you compare it to the CIA or FBI...

I hope and pray that at no time in our future do we ever have to see ourselves in another revolutionary war but if we do, we have an amendment to protect us from government... It's funny when you think about all the rules we put in place to keep the government in check...

There is a limited credence to conspiracy theories that circulate. Even a short search can yield surprising results about the history of our CIA and FBI. One of the things that got me was project MK ULTRA... I do believe that there are still some things that are off the books occurring in America today but they seem to be less worried about directly messing with folks...

I kind of wish they would freak everybody out and shut off the internet. Can you imagine? Ha! They'll never do that though because then they can't hack Googles databases that contain almost everything on everyone in real time... Spy all you want Gubmint we like our phones too much to interfere!

Thanks Obama! I wonder if the former mayor went into conniptions when he heard the news? I also wonder if the Guvna is going to change the Texas guards orders to watch over the exercise again. "To arms!!!! To arms!!!!" as Paul Revere once said.

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