Lady Dressed to the Nines Fails Sobriety Test After Colliding With Mazda on Knickerbocker


Just past 11:30 p.m., a call for Medic 7 rang out over the radio. There was a major vehicle accident on Knickerbocker and Western Court, just in front of Johnny Carino’s Italian Restaurant.

There, a gray Toyota Camry had collided with a black Mazda compact car, disabling both vehicles. Females drove both vehicles and neither car appeared to have additional passengers.

On the scene, there were no major injuries, and the ambulance, Medic 7, was released.

The Camry appeared to have hit the Mazda in the passenger side rear wheel, and the driver would not get out of the car. Police and firemen talked and cajoled with her, but she wasn’t getting out. At one point, the driver could be seen talking on her cell phone as police and firemen stood by.

After approximately 15 minutes of this, the female finally got out of the vehicle with assistance. One police officer escorted her back to a patrol car. The driver, dressed to the nines in an orange dress, appeared to be stumbling and laughing. She was seated in the backseat of a patrol car, un-cuffed.

While Home Motors cleared the carnage from the street, one eastbound lane and the turn lane were blocked. Meanwhile, the driver of the Camry could be seen in the Carino’s parking lot taking a field sobriety test with a police officer. It didn’t appear that she was passing the test, and she was booked and put back inside the patrol car for a ride to the Tom Green County Jail.

The driver of the Mazda was picked up by family and did not appear to be hurt. But her Mazda was.

San Angelo Fire Department responded with an ambulance and pumper truck. There were up to four San Angelo Police teams tending to the accident throughout the investigation and cleanup.

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Two women driving on the same road in the same area together, mix in alcohol with one, and you automatically have a disaster in the making..... :-)
Using a quick Google search, yielding 3.6 million results, you are the only person in history to use the phrase "dressed to her nines", instead of the common phrase "dressed to THE nines". Congratulations.
live, Sat, 03/08/2014 - 03:23

Well then. We'll have to fix that. Must have been the slow news night. And the red Mustang driver never showed back up like we had hoped...

How is cannabis more dangerous than alcohol? It's almost every week you hear about a knuckle head driving under the influence of alcohol causing harm to others
"dressed to her nines" -- maybe Joe references dress size rather than clothing style or expense? "never showed back up" -- I think I understand what Joe was trying to type; blame it on his bomber pilot fingers. In any event, Joe's malaprops generate comments, which makes Joe happier than a rank bull turned loose in a pasture filled with horny heifers.
live, Sat, 03/08/2014 - 11:19

I'm not a great ladies fashion guy, so maybe she was dressed up to her nines. And "never showed back up" is not a cliche, it's venacular, which according to the rules of San Angelo LIVE! are allowed within the comments section (as in rules that I just made up).

Pilot's bomb release light - off, tested.

shaderunner, Sat, 03/08/2014 - 13:09
but it's good to know that vernacular IS allowed...'cause that's about all y'all will git outta me. ;)

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