State Rep. Drew Darby Discusses Ken Paxton's Acquittal For the First Time Since the Trial


SAN ANGELO, TX — In a significant decision by the Texas House of Representatives, a majority, which included a strong contingent from the Republican party, voted in favor of impeaching Attorney General Ken Paxton. Among these members was Rep. Drew Darby, who had remained reserved about his decision until now. The trial, which garnered considerable attention, concluded with Paxton's acquittal in the Senate, bringing the spotlight to his defense team of Tony Buzbee, Mitch Little, and Dan Cogdell.

Addressing a gathering of business leaders at the San Angelo Rotary Club, Darby shared his insights in a straightforward manner. Ed Yale, the Rotary president-elect and an investment advisor, provided an opportunity for Darby to express his perspective on the Paxton case.

Darby, taking the opportunity, spoke candidly: “Regarding Ken Paxton, my view is based on a careful consideration of his actions. He has faced several allegations, and as representatives, we found it necessary to forward the case to the Senate for a thorough examination.”

Darby expressed his concerns about the trial proceedings in the Senate. He raised questions about potential biases, pointing out financial connections between Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who presided over the trial, and groups supporting Paxton.

He further revealed that initially, a significant number of senators were leaning towards a conviction. However, following discussions and considerations, the final decision was swayed towards acquittal. Paxton was acquitted with a final vote showing a narrow division between those for conviction and those against.

Darby, maintaining his belief in the judicial process, emphasized, “I trust in the justice system, and I believe that accountability is key, regardless of the time or place.”

In addition, Darby expressed his reservations regarding the proposed K-12 vouchers, now termed “Education Savings Accounts” or ESAs. He commented on the potential budget allocations, suggesting a more beneficial use of these funds could be in supporting teachers in rural districts. He also questioned the efficacy of the proposed funding for border security and law enforcement in Liberty County, highlighting other areas like mental health as critical needs for funding in Texas.

Concluding his speech, which was well-received by the audience, Darby reflected on the importance of truth and integrity in political discourse, both in Austin and Washington, D.C.

State Rep. Drew Darby spoke about the Paxton trial at the Nov. 10, 2023 meeting of the San Angelo Rotary Club.

State Rep. Drew Darby spoke about the Paxton trial at the Nov. 10, 2023 meeting of the San Angelo Rotary Club.

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GMann, Tue, 11/14/2023 - 11:42

Did Drew Darby mention he voted for Ken Paxton's conviction and against the school voucher? Darby is a fine example of a RHINO that is not for the people only special interest groups .

Bronc, Tue, 11/14/2023 - 12:24

Mr. Darby is a RINO, an embarrassment to his district, a toady of the teachers union, and a closet liberal. He does not represent his constituency and should be removed from office via the primaries. 

A true conservative would be against the school vouchers.  All it does is divert education money away from already (criminally) underfunded public school districts.  Those vouchers won't cover the full cost of tuition, so poor kids still won't get to attend.  Wealthier kids will continue to go, at a discounted rate, courtesy of our tax dollars.  How the hell is another welfare-for-the-wealthy program at the expense of kids' (future workers and taxpayers) education a fair or conservative idea?  

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