Texas AG Investigates Another Hospital for Performing Child 'Gender Transitioning'


AUSTIN – Attorney General Paxton has announced an investigation into Texas Children’s Hospital to determine if the entity is actively engaging in illegal behavior and performing “gender transitioning” procedures on children.  

“I’ve been clear that any ‘gender transitioning’ procedures that hurt our children constitute child abuse under Texas law,” said Attorney General Paxton. “Recent reports indicate that Texas Children’s Hospital may be unlawfully performing such procedures, and my office it is working to uncover the truth. I am committed to investigating any entity in our state to ensure that our children are protected. Though many unhinged activists compromising the healthcare field think otherwise, children are not to be treated as science experiments. Doctors and hospitals should not be pushing mutilative and irreversible ‘gender transitioning’ procedures that will negatively impact innocent children for the rest of their lives.”  

This investigation comes after Attorney General Paxton launched an investigation into Dell Children’s Medical Center over unlawful behavior related to “gender transitioning” procedures. 

Likewise, the Request to Examine (“RTE”) issued to Texas Children’s Hospital can aid in uncovering additional information to identify if any state laws have been broken.  

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CGM5, Fri, 05/19/2023 - 13:07

What kind of F- ing moronic fool thinks it's ok to grant a child's wish for a sex change??? Can that same child buy tobacco, alcohol, drive a car, get married, vote, buy a gun or even sign a legal contract??? The answer is NO because a child is too young, too immature and too inexperienced in life to make those decisions. However, there are stupid loser assh---s out there that think it's ok for that same child to make a life changing decision like having a sex change. I can't come up with enough insulting words to describe those imbeciles.

How did the general public get to the point of having their values so deeply subverted that any state in the union would ever support sex inversion sterilization surgery (SISS) being performed upon a child?

This is the new democratic way. Liberal as fuck, always offended, and of course here to groom every single child they can for their lgbtq+-%X=()*% parades.

Once the powers that be are able to convince people in "the most powerful country on Earth" that this is acceptable and normal, imagine what else they'll be able to train the public to tolerate.

That's the point. ? 

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