Pfluger: 500 Illegal Migrants Could Be Housed in San Angelo

SAN ANGELO, TX — Calling the hearing “the most shameful I have ever seen,” Congressman August Pfluger plowed into Secretary of Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas and wanted answers about Biden Administration plans to house 500 illegal migrants in San Angelo.

“The American public is not fooled by the comments that the border is secure. It’s not!” Pfluger scolded the Biden Administration secretary. Pfluger outlined Biden Administration reports that persons on the terrorism watch list have been apprehended at the border. He accused Mayorkas of downplaying that fact by referring to it as only a “few dozen at most” incursions. Pfluger said.

Pfluger said in FY 2021, there were 27 encounters where individual illegal migrants “popped as positive” as being listed on the US Terrorism Database.

Pfluger then drops a bomb. He asked Mayorkas if the Biden Administration is about to house 500 illegal migrants at Goodfellow Air Force Base in San Angelo.

Mayorkas said he could not answer and will get back to the congressman.

“You just told us that you have operational control of the border. Are you planning to use Goodfellow Air Force Base to house illegal immigrants?” Pfluger pressed.

“Congressman, I will ask my colleagues with respect to the status of those particular plans and respond to your question…” Mayorkas responded.

“The administration has literally abdicated its responsibility to keep Texas and the United States safe. I am begging you to secure the border now,” Pfluger interrupted.

The exchange happened during a House Homeland Security Committee meeting on Wednesday, April 27. Pfluger sits on that committee.

Watch the exchange above.

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How about the compound in Eldorado the US Government bought through contractors as a training facility. Can house 5000 and has a dandy church!


Well that's good.... There's lots of weeds that need pulled and tons of trash blown everywhere that needs picked up. If they want a bologna sandwich and a bottle of water at the end of the day, they'll pay for them with a days work....


At last. A politician is addressing the issue of the southern invasion! I think that’s a good idea about holding them at the Eldorado compound and then ship them back to Mexico. I do not like the idea of “housing” them at Goodfellow. Nothing was said about what would happen to them after that. They should not be allowed into our country illegally, period.


The U.S. and it's government have circumstances I don't agree with, so instead of dealing with these circumstances and/or pulling myself up by the bootstraps, I'm going to run to Mexico with my hands out. Wonder how well I'll do? Free groceries, medical care and cellphone service anyone? 

When I get there, I'm going to carry on about how great the U.S. is, wave the American flag in the streets (despite my haste in leaving the U.S.) and team up with a group of unemployed losers who spend their days protesting and complaining about Mexico. I wonder if la policia y los federales will be interested in "taking a knee" for my cause. 

Just consider my trek to be part of a newly proposed "foreign exchange loafer'' program.

Oh...and look out Mexico, I'm on the prowl for readily available Mexican poon. Those anchor babies aren't going to make themselves, goshdarnit!

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