Social Media Weighs in on Brutal Shooting Video

LUBBOCK, TX – The graphic video released by the wife of Chad Read on Monday has gone viral across social media. The main issue users are arguing over is whether this was in self-defense or murder.

As previously reported, an affair involving the current husband of a Texas district judge ended with the shooting of Chad Read, of Lubbock, earlier last month. The now widowed wife of Read released the footage of the shooting on Nov. 24.

Despite the video being released, the shooter, Kyle Carruth, of Lubbock, has still not been charged with anything.

The social media world has blown up with cries for justice for Read.

On the other side, a number of Twitter users are making the case that Carruth was only acting out of self defense.

To see the full video click the link here: WARNING: Graphic Video: Man Involved in Love Triangle Shot Dead on Video

Where do you stand? Is this self defense or murder? Let us know in the comments below.


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Don't care what Read was doing at that location or who had who's child, Unless he was certain of physical harm being done to the child in question at that time, Read we was obligated to depart! If he had issue with the child custody, there are courts for that, and he could have easily asked a Sherriff to come over there to help solve the issue. Read was first asked and then ordered to leave the property by Chad. Read then threatened to take Chad's gun from him and use it on him while advancing in his face! Then, after Chad fires a warning shot at the ground, Read, not retreating but instead  still chose to advance on Chad and then literally grabbed and attempted to take the weapon from him in what anyone has to perceive was Read's attempt to carry out his previous threat. If Chad is prosecuted, a jury will acquit. No matter who he is married to! If a man is threatened and feels his life is in danger in Texas he can act!

Rob Riffle,

The situation is way more complicated than mere self-defense.  

1. The mother of the child had arranged for Mr. Read to pick the child up at that location.  So Mr. Read had the right to be there.

2. When the mother refused to give the child to Mr. Read, per their court orders, she was is violation of TX Penal Code 25.03, Interference With Child Custody, which is a felony.

3. Mr. Carruth, assisted in the felony by aiding the person committing the felony in withholding the child.  Mr. Carruth then  made the situation worse by getting a gun instead of calling the police.  He then murdered an innocent man, while in the process of committing a felony.

4. Police, and the TX Family Court System, sadly, almost never enforce TX Penal Code 25.03 because prosecutors won’t prosecute mothers who withhold their children because it would look like they are anti-single-mom and would kill their political careers.  At best, Mr. Read could have card the police, but all they would have done is filed a report and Mr. Read would have had to spend thousands of dollars more taking his ex-wife to court to enforce the court order…that already exists and no one will enforce.

Do you have children?  What would you do or sacrifice to be with them?  What would you do when you’ve already gone to court multiple times, have won, but the orders aren’t enforced?  Millions of men and their children are stuck in this situation here in TX.  Equal Parenting laws need to be passed by the TX Legislature and Penal Code 25.03 needs to be enforced and have more severe consequences carried with it.  And Mr Carruth and the child’s mother both need to be in jail and put on trial for murder and accessory to murder.


The problem is that he had the opportunity to go inside his house, where he could have locked the door and called the police instead of grabbing his gun. It’s not like he had nowhere to go and no choice but to shoot him. That alone is going to put him away if he ends up facing charges.

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